Which smartphone is more musical than others? Are there any products that are powerful and worth their money among miniature devices? Is it possible to find a clamshell device now on sale? The ratings of smartphones published on our website will answer all these and many other questions.

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Our collections are distinguished by the fact that they are regularly updated. In them, you can easily find out which phones are the best as of 2017. Especially for you, we have broken all the tops into completely different categories. So you can get acquainted with folding smartphones that still exist, although they are difficult to see on store shelves. You will also learn about the thinnest devices. We also mentioned button smartphones , which are still of interest to many people. We have not forgotten ordinary mobile phones that do not have any operating system in their composition.

Any top 10 is designed to provide you with information about the best devices in its class. After reading the rating, it is much easier to make a purchase. You do not need to get acquainted with the reviews for one or another model, since the ratings of the best smartphones familiarize you with all the positive and negative sides.

In the future, our section will be replenished with other devices directly related to mobile technology. For example, now you can read about wireless headsets that are gaining popularity year after year. But the greatest emphasis is still placed on smartphones, which have recently become very different. Some are pleased with their front-facing camera, others are equipped with a very capacious battery, others sound very bad ... In a word, there is always a topic for the next selection, which pleases us and our regular visitors.

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