Even experienced smartphone users sometimes encounter difficulties in managing a particular gadget function - let alone people who pick up a smartphone for the first time. It became unprofitable for a wallet to ask for help from consultants in salons - all the settings have recently been paid, and only with the purchase of a gadget you can count on a brief briefing. Where to look for help?

Both beginners and advanced users will benefit from site guides on the use of gadgets. On our site you can find detailed and illustrated instructions for smartphones with the most common operating systems.

How to create a Google account on Android?

Using a modern smartphone running Android is inconceivable without a Google account. After all, only with its availability will the Internet work for you ...

How to install Google Play on Android?

Now it’s becoming more difficult to find a smartphone that does not have a Google Play client on sale. If you still encounter such a device, then this article is written ...

How to copy contacts from Android to computer?

We already talked about how to copy contacts from smartphone to smartphone. But sometimes it’s easier to transfer the contact book to the computer. Here she will definitely be safe and ...

Compass on Android

Each modern smartphone supports various satellite navigation systems. Therefore, he is able to determine the location, build a route, and sometimes completely ...

How to enable night mode on Android

A modern person spends most of his time in front of a computer or smartphone screen. No wonder people began to worry about their negative impact on ...

Google Account Sync on Android

By default, Google synchronizes all user data (letters, contacts, applications) and saves them in the cloud.

How to delete all data from an Android phone

If you are preparing a smartphone for resale, you want to give it to another person for temporary use, it is best to delete all personal files and information from it.

How to enable guest mode on Android

Guest mode is available on some Android devices version 5.0 and higher. Depending on the features of the operating system, this functionality may be missing or worn ...

How to find out the phone model

If you have a smartphone in front of you without a box or identification marks on the case, you can find out the model in several ways.

How to remove Alice on Android

The voice assistant Alice from Yandex can be installed both separately and together with other applications of the company. For example, with a browser or navigator.

How to turn on the flashlight on the phone

There is a flashlight on almost all modern Android smartphones. As a rule, the application is launched through the notification panel or a special application.

Android Parental Controls

Parental control is a set of rules and measures that allows you to limit user access to various sites, applications and the time you use your smartphone.