How to set up Yandex.Mail on Android

On almost all Android mobile devices, the default Gmail email client is installed. If desired, through it you can use an electronic mailbox from Yandex or ...

How to save contacts to Google?

Phone numbers, email addresses, caller names, and other important data can be stored in the phone’s memory, on your SIM card, or in Google’s cloud storage.

How to set up Google Play on Android

Play Store or Google Play is the official store of applications, games, music, movies and other digital content for users of Android devices.

What book format does Android support?

By default, Android only supports popular text file formats. Therefore, it is better to use special applications for reading electronic books.

How to enable T9 on Android

T9 is a typing system for mobile devices that predicts words using the built-in dictionary (can be edited by the user).

How to crop video on Android

On any Android device, video can be trimmed in several ways, using the built-in tools or special applications for video editing.

How to slow down video on Android

Some modern Android smartphones support slow-wise at the software and hardware levels, so they can immediately shoot slow-motion videos.