Smartphones MEIZU

MEIZU has always adhered to a strategy of moderate promotion of its products, so MEIZU smartphones are little known in Russia and are not sold in storerooms. Nevertheless, thanks to the creative approach to creating gadgets, the company is already in the top 10 Chinese manufacturers of mobile equipment and is actively increasing sales around the world.

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The MEIZU company is young - it began to function since 2003, releasing MP3 players, which were then a popular product. It is noteworthy that the company did without sponsors and was completely supported by the money of CEO J. Wong, who is a “gray cardinal” to this day - he does not give interviews, does not appear in public, and communicates with customers only through the official website. Colleagues note that Wong's main passion is music - that is why all the MEIZU smartphones from our catalog are distinguished by excellent sound quality, loud speakers, the ability to flexibly adjust the equalizer.

What smartphones does Meisea sell?

The key features of MEIZU smartphones are a unique and elegant design, a large number of innovative solutions. Actually, thanks to innovations, MEIZU keeps afloat and successfully competes with such monsters as Samsung and Lenovo . From the reviews, you can understand that the characteristic features of the latest models are:

  • The presence of a multi-function button, which is a touch, and not physical, as, for example, on Apple smartphones.
  • The use of a steel frame designed to increase the strength of the gadget.

In terms of interface, MEIZU did not go the easy way and developed its own shell called Flyme , which is a combination of the best features of Android and iOS.

Meizu Mobile Phones: Pros and Cons

MEIZU strives to meet the needs of all categories of consumers, and therefore offers gadgets related to different price segments. Affordable cost is the main advantage of smartphones from MEIZU. Another benefit is the capacious battery: on the latest smartphones, the capacity reaches 4000 mA.

Low popularity is the main minus. For the Russian market, MEIZU smartphones are a curiosity, so the buyer can hardly easily find original accessories or spare parts.

Meizu announced the signature Flyme 8 shell

After the introduction of the flagship Meizu 16s Pro and Meizu UR headphones, the Chinese company introduced the eighth version of its Flyme shell. 471 days have passed since the release of Flyme 7.