Most buyers, buying gadgets in stores, do not think about taking an extra cover, protective film or car charger , believing that the accessories will not be useful to them immediately and you can buy them later. This is a mistake . Buying accessories for a smartphone is not a whim or a whim at all, but an objective necessity . After all, accessories not only decorate the mobile device - they protect it, and also allow the user to fully reveal the potential of the gadget.

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Previously, the owner of a mobile phone simply did not need to understand accessories and find out what kind of reputation a particular manufacturer enjoyed - the choice on the windows was so meager that I had to take “what is”.

The situation changed dramatically when Chinese online stores “entered the scene”. The seller’s market has become a buyer’s market: merchants from the Middle Kingdom were able to provide customers with accessories that they had never heard of before. In conditions of such a saturated market, it is extremely important to be able to distinguish really good and high-quality products from low-grade trinkets.

The articles in this section will introduce you to the best accessories for smartphones and tell you what additional products an owner of a gadget can do without.

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