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How to delete all data from an Android phone

If you are preparing a smartphone for resale, you want to give it to another person for temporary use, it is best to delete all personal files and information from it.

To do this, just reset to factory settings, get rid of any data manually or use special software. Next, we will tell you how to delete everything from your Android phone.

How to reset to factory settings

If you want to delete all files, applications and other saved data, then the easiest way to reset the phone to factory settings. Instruction:

Attention! This procedure will completely delete all user information and settings from the smartphone (including saved passwords, autofill data, credit cards). Be sure to back up if necessary.

Step 1 In the settings, find the item “Google” and in the page that opens, select “Backup” .

Step 2 If you want to delete data not only from your smartphone, but also from Google Drive , then move the slider to the “Off” state. After that, click "Disable and delete . " Be careful, after that, access to the backup copy of the device will not work.

Step 3 Return to the settings and find “Backup and reset” here (depending on the version of Android, this item may be hidden in different subsections). Click “Delete All Data” to reset to factory settings. Confirm the action if necessary.

After that, the phone will reboot and when it is turned on, it can be configured as a new device. For more information on how to reset to factory settings, see our guide: how to format an Android phone .

How to clean your smartphone manually

If necessary, you can clear the memory and delete unnecessary files, cache and account data from the phone without uninstalling the application. This is convenient if you want to leave some information. Instruction:

Step 1 Go to settings and find the “Applications” item here. In the list that opens, select the application whose data you want to delete.

Step 2 Details of the application will open. Here you can either completely remove it from the phone, or clear data, cache. Depending on the version of Android, the buttons may be located in different ways and have different names.

Step 3 You can delete all user data through Explorer. Open it, and then sort by file type. After that, delete unnecessary images, music or documents.

Step 4 Some smartphone manufacturers pre-install special software on the device to clean junk files and other unnecessary user data. For example, the “Cleanup” application for Xiaomi devices.

If you want to delete all data from an Android smartphone, it is better to reset to factory settings. This is useful if you are preparing your phone for resale. But if you want to clean your phone from junk files and increase its performance, then check out our guide.

If you want to clear the android completely, it is best to reset to factory settings. If you plan to clear the memory of files of a certain type (for example, images or music), then it is better to do it manually. Especially if you do not want to lose installed applications and saved passwords.