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The new marketplace will allow you to order branded items directly from European and Asian countries.

Yandex and Sberbank, apparently, seriously intended to create the largest trading network in the world. In the spring, the "giants" launched the marketplace " Take!" ", Which, despite the huge number of negative reviews and negativity addressed to it, nevertheless went through the beta testing stage and began to work fully. Now the companies are working on another joint project - Bringly.

What is Bringly and how does it differ from the already existing “Take!” - we will tell in this article.

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Bringly - what is it?

Bringly is an online platform that will help Russians buy original goods from foreign stores. The platform itself will not sell anything, its function is exclusively mediation. Note that Bringly is wrong to consider the “Russian alternative to AliExpress ”, since the platform does not focus on budget goods. The catalog will contain a minimum of Chinese products and much more - Turkish, South Korean, Israeli and European.

Here's what you can order at Bringley:

  • Makeup
  • Shoes and clothes.
  • Goods for home and garden.
  • Car accessories.
  • Smartphones and home appliances.

It is expected that the average check will be higher than in the case of Chinese marketplaces. For example, for the category “Clothing”, this value, according to the calculations of the creators of the site, will be $ 30. The forecast is very optimistic, because, according to studies for 2017, 60% of orders from China are small - worth up to $ 22 (AKIT data). True, there are reasons for optimism: while China offers “no-name” goods, Bringley will put up for sale only branded items and at a price lower than offline. So to compare here is not entirely correct.

When will Bringly be launched?

Yandex and Sberbank “threw off” 30 billion rubles each to create a new trading platform - they are probably more interested than others in getting this money to “fight back” as soon as possible. Consequently, they will not pull with the opening of Bringly. A beta version of the site is already available - you can place an order at least now. True, you will come across some limitations and inconveniences:

  • You can only pay by credit card online.
  • It will not work to participate in the bonus program - they plan to launch it later.
  • The maximum delivery time is 2 months - even from China things are now arriving faster. This is due to the fact that Bringly has only one warehouse so far - in Latvia. It stores the most popular goods that are brought to Russia within 3-5 days.
  • At the end of November, Bringley's assortment was only 4 million products - that's not much. Yandex promises that as early as 2019, the catalog will contain 50 million items of goods.

About when the full launch of Bringly will take place, representatives of Sberbank and Yandex have not yet covered.

Reviews on Bringly

Most of those who have already managed to place an order for Bringley, in the reviews, write that the experience of cooperation was, to put it mildly, sad. The complaint of all dissatisfied customers is basically the same - the site does not comply with the deadlines set by itself, and sends the goods within a week or two from the receipt of the order. The “last straw” for customers is that Bringly does not return the money immediately, but promises to do so within a month. Here is a typical review about the site - on there are more than a hundred of them:

Of course, you need to make a discount on the fact that the store is in beta testing. At this stage, the “debugging of mechanisms" just happens, so you should not count on excellent work. When I tested “Take!”, There was also a lot of negativity, but over time, the number of angry comments decreased.


“Not the second AliExpress, but the Russian Amazon” - this is how the head of Sberbank German Gref describes a joint project with Yandex, of which the Bringly platform is a part. Representatives of the conglomerate emphasize that neither Bringly nor Biru will compete with Chinese trading floors.

Russian marketplaces will be taken in quality - that is, put up branded goods for sale at lower prices than retail and receive commissions from sellers. The scheme is proven and quite effective, but there is one “but”: in 2020, the threshold for duty-free purchases in foreign online stores for Russians will be reduced to 200 euros (in 2018 - 1000 euros). If the order is more expensive, you have to fill out a declaration and pay a fee - who will go to a similar mess for the brand? The creators of the “Russian Amazon” are at risk, and the risk is great - but if they succeed, it will become unprecedented.



  • I made the first order 01.03.2019, paid. Order is accepted. After 2 days, a letter arrives: the seller canceled your order. Money will be returned within 30 days. Neither an explanation of the reasons, nor an apology.
    30 days have passed, I have not received my money! The worst online store I've ever known. In general, no information, the money was withdrawn and the order was canceled !!! No reason given! No feedback !!! They probably look first - if there is a product, and only then accept payment for it! And the postscript “if you haven’t received the money, check with your bank” !!!! Super easy! In other words - go to ... dear Buyer, while we will turn your money away, each month with a full amount for a deposit - Sberbank earns! People, do not get fooled !!! Do not repeat my mistake !!! It is still unknown whether money will be returned to me at all or not !!!

    • Similarly. The order was not sent. I had to wait two months for cancellation, although it was clear that the goods would not arrive, because two weeks later, he simply disappeared from the store. The support service sent template messages asking them to wait again. After the cancellation of the order, support cannot be contacted in any way, but the money has still not been returned for the order. The second month of waiting for a return has already gone

  • The product I received (size 3X 47/48), order No. 5343171 does not fully correspond to my order and description in particular to size (size 3XL 54/56) !!! In response to the claim, they tell me a tag with size is not an argument. I attached a photo !!! I pay my money for all the goods, including the tag an integral part of the goods, which does not correspond to the order, and also does not correspond to the goods that arrived and the size table presented on the goods order page (I’ll also attach a screen to the reviews))) . In all civilized online stores that value their reputation enough to return money two photos: 1. Product with a tag, 2. Screen size table from the product order page, I will send you more without any videos! We are not in the market where everything is sold by eye! And I demand a full refund for my product, which was bought at the Hepsiburada store, sent 1.5 months after the purchase, and even to the wrong point of delivery that I ordered. People do not buy anything there! All photos were attached in circulation 518706. But they sent me, to put it mildly !!!

    Never buy anything here !!! All their discounts are a complete deception !!!

  • The second month has already passed since the status of the “ready to send” order hangs. Technical support does not moo, does not calve, feeds breakfast. NEVER ORDER ANYTHING ON THIS PLATFORM. DO NOT REPEAT ERRORS !!!!!!!!

  • Do not order anything at the Once store. The money was withdrawn from the account, and after a couple of hours the goods in the store were over and now for 1.5 months I have been “happy” with the inscription “Processing the order”. No technical support. No money, no goods. Abalde, what a super service.

  • is just a money-swap on an interest-free loan for 3 months: since the goods are not delivered and the money is also not given. If they return it after 3 months, then I just gave them an interest-free loan. The question is still open, the money has not been returned, maybe even scammers ...