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OnePlus 6 will cost more than OnePlus 5

New information on the estimated price of OnePlus 6 is not yet encouraging, but it still remains lower than other flagships .

Recent rumors report that the upcoming OnePlus 6 smartphone will receive a price of $ 749. It's quite expensive considering that last year's OnePlus 5 at the start of sales was available for $ 600. But on the other hand, we see a comparative table, which includes the iPhone X , Samsung S9 and the yet to be released Huawei P20, which are much more expensive than OnePlus.

Please note that the price tag is indicated for the version with the maximum amount of memory. And the most common size of 664 GB this year will cost, just the same amount as OnePlus 5 last year.

It can be seen from the screenshot that the smartphone will be equipped with Snapdragon 845, 8 GB of RAM, a 256 GB drive, a 12 MP + 20 MP camera, as well as DashCharge fast charging . This information once again confirms what was already known. See here for more details on other features of OnePlus 6.

In addition, AI functions are expected: Face ID unlocking, smart cameras, voice recognition, which will work on Android 8.1 with OxygenOS shell. As for the release date of OnePlus 6, it is scheduled for June.