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Monobrand stores in the Russian Federation can now boast not only American Apple, but also Chinese. Rumikom company sells only Xiaomi products.

“Rumikom” is considered Xiaomi's branded store, but it was founded not by a Chinese company, but by a group of Russian enthusiasts who dreamed of introducing a domestic user to a variety of gadgets from the Middle Kingdom. The store was opened in 2014 and since then has managed to ensure that 1,500,000 visitors visit its site every month. Although the company “Rumikom” is more proud of another statistical fact - the number of positive reviews on Yandex.Market. They have already exceeded 6,000 - and this allows us to characterize Rumik as a customer-oriented company.

But for what "strings" so successfully pulls buyers "Rumikom"? How is this store better than a dozen others that sell Xiaomi products on RuNet and are far behind? The answers to these questions should be given by a detailed review of the Rumikom online store.

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Briefly about site design

Paradoxically, the website of the Xiaomi Rumik brand store is much more convenient than the site of the Chinese company itself. All that a visitor to the official Xiaomi website sees is a giant banner “rubbing” on current promotions. “Rumikom” in this regard shows more concern. “Traveling” through the main menu items, it is easy to get all the information that may interest a potential buyer - including with regard to delivery, payment methods and warranty.

The product catalog looks simple and logical. At the same time, it allows you to make sure that the range of goods offered by Xiaomi has really grown to some fantastic scale.

Product cards could be issued better. The developers of the site approached this matter somehow formally and absolutely without imagination. Mi 8 Lite, for example, has only 3 photos.

In fairness, we note that a small number of photos are offset by a detailed video review. True, it was commissioned by the seller himself, so doubts about his objectivity are justified.

On the Rumikom website, I never get tired of reminding me how wonderful his reputation on Yandex.Market is . On the main page there are as many as 3 banners that link to "YM".

The banners themselves, it seems, have not been updated for a long time, since the store’s Yandex.Market is no longer “5 out of 5”. Rating for the last 3 months - 4.3. However, this is still more than a decent figure.

The site has a lot of information content. There is a traditional written blog, which also publishes news about the company, as well as a video blog on YouTube. The rollers there really are “above the roof” - the channel is available at this link .

The site “Rumik” does not shock the imagination with any cool “tricks”, but whether the buyer needs it at all is a big question. Simplicity and conciseness are a priority here, and this approach is commendable.

Assortment and prices

Alexander Ganzha, the head of Rumikom, notes that over the past 3 years, Xiaomi’s assortment has been supplemented by completely different gadgets - in addition to smartphones. All these devices immediately get into the catalog of the online store. So in 2019, “Rumik” is wrong to consider a mobile electronics store, because here are sold:

  • Electric scooters, gyro scooters and even electric bicycles (have you heard of such?).
  • Tonometers, scales and air analyzers (all this, of course, is “smart”).
  • Filter jugs and cartridges for water purification.
  • 3D glasses and virtual reality glasses.
  • Raincoats, windcheaters and umbrellas.
  • Bowls and water dispensers for pets.

And this is in addition to traditional goods - smartphones, smart watches , laptops and tablets.

The assortment of “Rumikom” is luxurious - we were unable to find products that were present on the official website of Xiaomi and were not in the catalog of the Russian store. But what about prices? Is it more profitable to buy Xiaomi gadgets in Rumikom than in the official store? We conducted a small comparative analysis and formalized the result in the form of a table:


Price in Rumikom (rub)

Price on (rub)

Xiaomi Mi 9


34 990




Xiaomi REDMI 7 (3 GB + 64 GB)



The result, admittedly, for Rumik is disappointing. The Russian store sells really more expensive than the official one. In the case of budget models, the difference is small. But Xiaomi's flagship devices in Rumikom have sky-high price tags. For the new Mi 9, for example, you overpay as much as 5 thousand rubles.

Check on Yandex.Market gave even more discouraging results. As it turned out, in Russia there are simply no stores that would sell the Mi 9 model more expensive than Rumik. And if you decide to turn to a modest “Trukoved”, you can buy a gadget at all for 32,450 rubles - that is, 7 thousand cheaper.

Of course, it is wrong to draw unambiguous conclusions on such a modest sample as we used. However, the fact that Rumik is not a cheap store is a fact.

Shipping and payment

An online store customer is available for free pickup. He can pick up the ordered gadget in one of the company stores. In Moscow there are three - plus two more are located in the immediate suburbs.

But if you are too lazy to go, you can order delivery to your home - fortunately, in “Rumikom” this service is quite cheap. The exact shipping cost depends on the weight of the goods.

The weight

Shipping cost

5 kg


5-10 kg


Over 10 kg


“Rumikom” does not force the client to overpay for the courier leaving the Moscow Ring Road. The main thing is that within a radius of 1 km from the client’s house there should be a metro station.

Delivery is made on the day of order - provided that the order is completed before 16:00. But if the bill goes to the clock, you can use the express delivery, which costs 650 rubles. In this case, the order will be brought in 3 hours - however, you will have to pay for the urgent delivery online, and you will not be able to return the money paid for it. Urgent delivery is valid only on weekdays and delivers goods weighing up to 5 kg.

Another way to get an order from Rumik is pickup from PickPoint. The delivery price to the postamata is from 170 rubles.

Despite the fact that the delivery conditions at the online store are quite attractive, there are not many payment methods:

  • Cash (courier or pickup).
  • By card (online only).
  • Bank transfer (individual) / Bank transfer (legal entity).

The store does not accept electronic currency and does not sell on credit.

bonus program

Rumik has a loyalty program called Mi Bonuses . True, in order to receive substantial discounts through bonuses, you need to be a regular customer of the store and regularly spend serious amounts on its products.

Rumik registered customers are assigned statuses. The status depends on how much of the cost of goods can be compensated for with bonuses and how many bonuses will be accrued for subsequent purchases.

Immediately after registration, the customer of the store receives the right to a discount of up to 100 rubles (10% of the order amount). After he makes this order, he is assigned a new status - “Golden”. However, the gold status is of little use - it only gives the right to a 3% return instead of a 2% one.

It is only possible to pay for purchases with bonuses only after obtaining the “Diamond” status - but to achieve it you need to buy Xiaomi equipment for 150,000 rubles. Although even the coolest status involves a fairly modest return. You can’t get more than 5% bonuses under any circumstances.

Retail network

The Rumikom network is not so wide yet - its sales offices are present in only 6 cities. However, the latest expansion turned out to be quite large-scale: in April 2019, Rumikom brand stores appeared immediately in 3 cities - in Kaluga, Ivanovo and Sterlitamak. At the end of 2018, they opened a small island in Mytishchi near Moscow and a full-fledged store in St. Petersburg.

Except those listed, there are 4 more stores. Three of them are located in Moscow, one more - beyond the MKAD along Pyatnitsky Highway.

Reviews about "Rumik"

It’s not in vain that “Rumik” is so proud of its reputation on Yandex.Market - there really is not a tip there, it is “honey for the ears”. Clients thank the helpful and helpful staff, talk about the high quality products and the excellent work of the courier.

It seems that all customers dissatisfied with Rumik are sent directly to Otzovik. Outside of Yandex.Market, customer reviews are far from unambiguous. There are also radically negative ones:

On the review sites, Rumik managed to grab units - most of them in 2019. Perhaps the white-orange business “machine” began to “fail” and it’s time for Mr. Leader to intervene to “tighten the screws”?


Among the advantages of the Rumik store are:

  • Low cost of delivery (including for MKAD).
  • A site with a nice and convenient interface.
  • A wide range of products - Rumik sells everything that goes under the Xiaomi brand.
  • Excellent reputation at Yandex.Market.
  • Stable development of the company - Rumik sales points are growing like mushrooms after rain.

There are also disadvantages - we also will not forget to mention them:

  • Prices are higher than the market average and than in the official Xiaomi store.
  • There are few ways to pay for goods - Rumikom, for example, does not arrange equipment on credit.
  • Bonus program, the effectiveness of which is a big question.

Buying gadgets at Rumikom, you can count on the fact that the consultant will really help with choosing the right device, and not just dejectedly list the characteristics. Company executives are fanatical about their business and demand the same from their employees - a consequence of this is the “sky-high" rating on Yandex.Market. However, if you are not ready to overpay for high-quality service and are satisfied by picking up the gadget in the basement without any consultation at all, you should compare the prices - you may find the necessary Xiaomi device cheaper than in Rumik.

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