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Android apps for healthy living

On Google Play, you can find dozens of applications designed to enhance user health.

A smartphone can and should be used to make life more comfortable. And the best mood happens when you are completely healthy. Surprisingly, modern devices that are running Android can be used to strengthen your body. To do this, just download the appropriate application.


My coach is Dasi

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Want to keep fit? Then get ready to buy a subscription to the fitness center. Would you like to spend money? There is a solution: the problem is solved by installing the mobile application “My Dasi Trainer”. The program is designed to become a sort of personal trainer. At the first start, the utility asks to enter the height, weight and age of the smartphone owner. Further, the application will offer various exercises and diets. If you follow the prompts of the program, you can lose weight and improve immunity.

When using the program, you need to stock up on weights. The fact is that the application will focus on changing the mass of the user, choosing the ideal types of training. Some problems may seem to be the lack of the Russian >


  • Personal training programs are provided;
  • Easy to use
  • The body mass index is calculated, the change of which is easy to monitor;
  • Many icons that help in the development of exercises;
  • Full free.


  • The interface does not have a Russian >
  • In case of illness, you cannot rewind the training course a few days ago.

Yoga studio

For some people, fitness seems too tiring. In this case, it is recommended to do yoga, which relaxes and relaxes. Exercises from yoga will improve concentration, acting no worse than real meditation. It is important that you can do this business even at home - just get a book with poses. If you don’t want to store waste paper at home, you can use the Yoga Studio application.

This program contains an excellent set of exercises. With the help of Yoga Studio, you can choose a course for both an expert and a beginner. Many sets of exercises are allowed to customize to your own needs. In total, the application contains at least 280 poses, supplemented by photographs.

The problem with Yoga Studio is only in its high cost - not everyone dares to lay out more than 1000 rubles for something like a reference book. There is still no Russian >


  • A large number of exercises;
  • Classes are divided into courses;
  • All exercises are equipped with high-quality photographs;
  • There are categories for beginners and yoga experts;
  • Some exercises are shown in the video.


  • English interface;
  • Very high cost of the application.


The Russian version of the program indicates that it is a calorie counter. Indeed, the application will tell you how many calories are consumed in the form of food, as well as how much is consumed during physical training. Download Lifesum if you want to keep fit. The program will also help in gaining or reducing weight, and when building muscle mass, using Lifesum will not be amiss.

The program provides an individual nutrition plan, which will be based on physiological data and user preferences. From time to time, the application tries to motivate the owner of the smartphone, recalling outstanding tasks. The progress here is great illustrated - this is also important. The entire interface is translated into Russian, so problems with the development of the program will definitely not arise. By the way, there is a selection of the best diet apps on - many of the creators' creations are similar in functionality to Lifesum, but they look less interesting visually.


  • Nice Russian->
  • Suitable for maintaining, reducing and gaining weight;
  • Advice is provided from time to time;
  • The program contains an individual nutrition plan;
  • Implemented synchronization with popular fitness applications;
  • Distributed for free.


  • Maximum functionality only in the paid version;
  • Recipes are not translated into Russian.

You Are Your Own Gym

Charging is forgotten, but are all kinds of hamburgers used in writing? Then you need to download a useful application called You Are Your Own Gym, ready to turn the apartment into a gym (but do not wait for the appearance of out of nowhere different simulators). The main advantage of the program is that the selected exercises most often do not require sports equipment. It turns out that you can do it in absolutely any place - even at home, at least somewhere on the street.

The interface You Are Your Own Gym is made in English. But each of the two hundred exercises is supplemented by explanatory photographs. And if you buy a video course of Mark Loren, then the classes will become even more understandable. In this regard, it is hardly possible to suffer from the absence of the Russian >Android training apps .


  • You can choose three different difficulty levels;
  • Exercises supplemented by photographs;
  • The amount of exercise is huge;
  • For exercises, barbells, dumbbells and fitness equipment are not required;
  • All exercises are divided into categories.


  • The application is distributed for money;
  • No translation into Russian;
  • The video is contained in a separate, even more expensive program.

StrongLifts 5 × 5

Another English->

In fact, StrongLifts 5 × 5 is a personal trainer that forces you to do your physical fitness three times a week. At the time of training, various tips are displayed that help, for example, to find out how much time it is recommended to rest between sets. The program turned out to be very functional - here you can find a calendar, a section for notes and many settings. Moreover, the utility is able to work with smart watches based on Android Wear. All health apps would be like that!

Distributed by StrongLifts 5 × 5 for free. However, advanced courses will have to buy. However, this further encourages the implementation of all recommendations. But the lack of the Russian >


  • Individual construction of a training course;
  • Convenient schedule for viewing progress;
  • A huge number of settings;
  • You can record notes for each workout;
  • Synchronization with cloud storage
  • Smart watches supported;
  • Some workouts are supplemented by videos.


  • There is no Russian >
  • The full version of the application costs money.

MyPlate Calorie Tracker

Free Price: Free

If you do not want to gain excess weight, then you do not need to consume too many calories in food. Unfortunately, it is impossible to keep the calorie content of each product in mind. What can I say, not everyone will remember what exactly was eaten at the beginning of the day! In a word, it is better to use a separate application to calculate calories consumed, since modern smartphones allow this to happen. For example, you can install MyPlate Calorie Tracker. The program works very simply - in the main section you need to make food that was eaten during the day, after which it is concluded about the total number of calories received by the body. At the same time, physiological data are entered, in which case the program begins to understand how many calories the body needs every day.

There are several ways to introduce a product. Firstly, it is allowed to select it manually from the corresponding list. Secondly, barcode scanning from packaging is available. Thirdly, there is also a completely manual input. Be that as it may, the data on any product or dish can be edited. This action is necessary if the calorie value specified in the program does not correspond to the real one.

The application allows you to track and water consumption. In a special section, you can observe the change in weight. Also, synchronization with a special website of developers is introduced here, which allows you to monitor progress even from a computer. Finally, support for the Android Wear smartwatch also looks important.


  • Implemented integration with Google Fit;
  • Available synchronization with the official website of the service;
  • There is support for smart watches;
  • Easy entry of food and food;
  • Tracking the amount of water consumed is available;
  • Distributed for free.


  • Advanced courses are available by subscription only;
  • The application would not hurt the translation into Russian.


The best Android apps should make life easier for the user. The programs discussed in this article fully meet this requirement. Any of the utilities will improve health, build muscle and even lose weight. It is no accident that millions of people have already reviewed the applications reviewed here. But do not forget that just installing one or another program is not enough. You need to force yourself to follow the provided training course or consume the least calorie foods. Otherwise, there will be no sense in downloading the application.