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Cstore finally has its own “home” on the net! Evaluate the online store of the official retailer Apple.

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GCstore is a retail chain specializing in the sale of Apple products. Cstore is owned by Svyaznoy, which opened the first branch of the network in 2013 in Novosibirsk after it received the status of Apple Premium Reseller - and at the same time the right to direct deliveries of “apple products” and compensation for marketing expenses. It should be noted that Cstore has a special concept: the network, firstly, focuses on regional markets ( Svyaznoy rightly believes that the capital market is oversaturated with the offer of Apple products), and secondly, it prioritizes the formation of trusting, friendly relations with customers.

2017 has been very successful for Cstore. She managed to increase profits by as much as 30% compared to the previous year, but it seems much more important that the chain finally has its own online store It is about this store that the article will be discussed.


Site design

When ordering an iPhone in the Cstore online store, you do not run the risk of getting lost in subsections and a branching catalog. From the point of view of design, the site is very simple, but this simplicity does not in any way compromise information content . On the main page, the user will find a huge slider representing the current offers of the store, and a listing of the key advantages of the trading network.

Noteworthy is the lack of a directory on the right side of the page - where it is traditionally placed. On the Cstore website, the laconic menu is a line in the header.

The modesty of the menu is explained by a small assortment of products - after all, the store is single-brand, and therefore there is simply no need for a multi-level catalog. On Apple, the menu is about the same.

The checkout process takes only 1.5-2 minutes. Registration and authorization via e-mail are not required. It is enough to enter only your name and phone number on which the store employee could call. You can also create a “Personal Account” attached to an e-mail on the site, although the benefit of this action is perhaps only in the fact that you will receive newsletters and reviews.

In short, the site can be described as modern . Made in the spirit of moderate primitivism, but it is not without charm.

Assortment of goods

In addition to the iPhone , iPad and iPod, you can purchase in the Cstore online store:

  • Multimedia Player Apple TV.
  • Watch Apple Watch .
  • Headphones Beats.
  • Notebooks and computers iMac.
  • Gadgets for Smart Home.
  • Products related to portable technology (mice, keyboards for iMac).
  • A variety of accessories - from cases and protective and glasses for the iPhone and ending with portable speakers and straps for smart watches .

Note that accessories in Cstore are sold not only branded. In the catalog you can find goods manufactured by Belkin, a long-time partner of Apple, as well as by Jabra (headsets), Oxy (covers) and others.

The number of mobile devices and gadgets sold by Cstore is small - only about 150 models. But accessories are plentiful - there are more than 700 cases of covers alone!


Fans of Apple were enthusiastic about the appearance of Cstore, suggesting that increased competition would push "sky-high" prices for "apple" products down. However, iPhones and iPads in Russia, cheaper, alas, did not.

Prices in Cstore can be judged on the basis of this plate:


Price at Cstore

Price in Svyaznoy

Price in Re: Store

Plus 64Gb iPhone 8 Plus 64Gb

58 990 rub.

58 990 rub.

62 990 rub.

iPad 9.7 Wi-Fi + Cellular 32Gb

34 990 rub.

34 990 rub.

31 990 rub.

Apple Watch Series 3, 38 mm

24 490 rub.

24 490 rub.

24 490 rub.

Apple products at Cstore cost as much as at Svyaznoy. Compared to Re: Store, another Apple-authorized retailer, you notice that prices vary markedly. However, one cannot say for sure which store is more profitable to buy: judging by our analysis, iPhones are cheaper in Cstore, and iPads are cheaper in Re: Store.

Cstore sets prices at the level of other market players, however, the company initially did not have a goal to bankrupt its competitors. Remember that the network was created to increase sales of Apple equipment in the province.

Delivery and available payment methods

Cstore client can receive the purchased goods in one of 2 ways: use courier delivery or pick up from the point of delivery (that is, from the store). Delivery will be free if 2 conditions are observed at once: firstly, the price of the goods exceeds 2 thousand rubles, and secondly, the settlement where you need to bring the order is not included in the list of exception cities, the list of which is published on the Cstore website. If the goods are cheaper than 2 thousand rubles, then the courier services will cost 200 rubles.

Cstore also offers urgent delivery: the courier delivers the goods at any time convenient for the customer, but not earlier than 3 hours after placing the order (in Moscow - not earlier than 2 hours). Express delivery costs 300 rubles (in Moscow - 350 rubles).

If the buyer preferred pickup, the goods are reserved in the store for 2 days. It will be possible to pick it up at the point of sale that is more suitable for the location.

There are 4 ways to pay for a purchase in Cstore:

  • In cash.
  • Online bank card (Visa, MasterCard, Mir cards are accepted).
  • By credit card upon receipt of the goods.
  • Credit facilities (only subject to pickup). Cstore works with Home Credit, Renaissance Credit, Alfa Bank and other, less well-known banks.

Store Promotions

Cstore has a great bonus program. The loyalty card holder can receive up to 100% of the cost of goods by cashback. For example, at the time of writing this article, the action is relevant, under the terms of which, when ordering accessories for 3.5 thousand rubles, all 100% of the amount is returned in the form of pluses.

Other promotions are offered to buyers - on an ongoing basis:

  • Installment (interest-free loan). In installments, you can take one of the latest models of iPhones, iPads or Macs. The maximum installment period is 36 months. For such a period draws a bank "Renaissance".
  • Trade-In. The buyer has the right to surrender his old "apple" gadget and get a discount on a new one. Employees of the store quickly evaluate the status of the smartphone provided by the client - it takes them 5 to 10 minutes to do this. If a customer purchases an iPhone X 256Gb or an iPhone 6 32Gb as part of Trade-In, he is given an additional discount, due to which the surcharge is reduced.


The list of advantages of the Cstore online store includes the following:

  • Convenient site with a nice and modern design.
  • A wide range of quality accessories for Apple technology.
  • Free delivery of orders starting at 2,000 rubles.
  • The possibility of processing a long installment plan.
  • Favorable loyalty program and many other promotional offers.

The disadvantages of the store include:

  • The list of payment methods available is not wide enough - you cannot pay for an order in Cstore, for example, with electronic money.
  • A small number of pickup points - in Moscow, for example, only 3 offices are now open.

The online store Cstore left a very good impression. It is made in full accordance with the main principles of the distribution network. The site can be safely called customer-oriented: in the Cstore online store, the buyer is not tired of obsessive advertising offers, they are not forced to roam the multi-level catalog so that he sees more. Here you will be able to place an order in just a couple of clicks - and no registration is needed.

Prices in the Cstore store are not low, but the buyer can save by participating in a sensible bonus program and promotions, of which there are a great many. Probably, the abundance of promotional offers is due to the fact that the online store has just opened. So if you intended to acquire Apple appliances, you should not put off the purchase “in the long box”!

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What do you think about the opening of the online store Cstore? Share your opinions in the comments!



  • I bought the phone in installments in the c-ctore store. This was my first such purchase and I did not have experience in this.
    The seller, Alexei Nikolayevich Vyugin, was rude and constantly rushed me. He told me: “In order to get an installment plan, you need to insure the phone.” What is not true. I did not know about this and bought insurance for 10,000 rubles, which does not cover half of the insured events.
    When I saw the words “Consumer loan” and interest in the documents, the seller convinced me that the store pays interest to the bank, and I would only need to pay the amount indicated on the check “71842 rub.”. Today, when I wanted to pay the last amount for the “installment plan”, the bank said that I was mistaken and I needed to deposit the amount of “78 137 rubles.”, Although the check indicated that I have a discount of “6248 rubles.” For the loan.
    As a result, thanks to the store, the overpayment for the phone amounted to 16,348 rubles.

  • G, and not the store pre-ordered the iPhone on September 18th, they promised the 20th, then on the 28th, as a result, on October 9th, he never went on sale in Kazan and the pre-order is not clear when he arrives. Technical support mumbles that it knows nothing. If I hadn’t hoped from the side, I would have calmly bought it in the restaurant, he was standing there on the counter on the 20th, you could even not pre-order.