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Best Android Book Reader Apps

This collection contains the best Android book reader apps. All of them are distinguished by a wealth of settings and a large number of supported formats.

In the old days, reading books using a mobile phone was a nuisance. The fault was the LCD, which had a minimum size. And then the applications were sharpened for a minimum number of text formats, which also did not suit users. It was much easier to buy a paper book, since they were very inexpensive in those days. And now the situation has changed. The screen of modern smartphones has grown, and readers have learned to recognize almost all formats. What can I say, the network has a large number of online stores in which books are sold in electronic form! It remains only to choose the best program for reading books on Android. This article will help in this matter.



Free Price: Free

The release of this book reader application took place almost immediately after the release of the first Android smartphone. Since then, it has been repeatedly improved, overgrown with many new features. In particular, there is support for plugins, with which you can bring the number of recognized formats to the maximum. The main advantage of the program is its high speed. Like many other readers, FBreader allows you to manually arrange bookmarks, thanks to which you can then easily return to the desired pieces of text. First of all, the application is sharpened by the speed of work, so by default FBreader does not open the largest number of text formats. Pleasing is the support for opening a file packed in a zip, gzip or tar archive - many books are distributed like that. Another useful feature is the search for works in large online libraries.

Supported formats: fb2, epub, Kindle azw3, rtf, doc, html, plain text

Cool reader

Free Price: Free

This reader for Android has a nice interface. Its creators tried to ensure that the user had the feeling that he was reading a real paper book. Well, the menu here is made using wood textures, as if it were a real bookcase. Another application pleases people who downloaded it in that it supports not only mobile text file formats. There is a high probability that even the most reading user will not encounter such a situation when he needs to convert a got book. The program allows you to adjust the style of displaying text for a specific user. For example, you can change the size of indents, hyphens, line spacing, as well as the color, size and type of font. Moreover, there is even support for CSS styles! The creators did not forget about introducing the ability to open books from zip archives.

Supported formats: fb2, txt, rtf, epub (without DRM), doc, html, mobi (without RM), pml, prc, pdb, tcr


Another far from the youngest program designed to open text files. Initially, it did not have a better interface, and books opened with it for a long time. But all those problems have long been resolved. Now the application allows you to customize the display style of the text, and the number of formats opened by it has reached twelve. In this case, the book can be packaged in a zip or gzip archive - ZXReader is not afraid of this either. The main advantage of the application is that it can be launched even on the Android 1.6 operating system. And this, for a minute, is the first public version that the oldest smartphones possess, which you will not find now in the afternoon with fire. There is also support for network libraries and dictionary programs, which should also not be forgotten. Some will also like the function of editing files in the txt or fb2 format.

Supported formats: fb2, fbz, txt, rtf, odt, epub (without DRM), doc, docx, html, mobi (without DRM), prc, tcr

Moon + Reader

Moon+ Developer: Moon +
Free Price: Free

Another good reader. Initially, it seems that it is intended only for opening books in the evening. But in fact, the name simply symbolizes a unique interface in which there are images of the moon. And here there is a night mode in which the brightness of the backlight automatically decreases. Otherwise, this is a typical reader, distributed, like all its competitors, for free. Here, too, there is a wide selection of text display settings. Not forgotten by the creators and support for online libraries. Perhaps the main difference from the above applications is full support for the pdf format, in which not so much books are distributed as magazines. In many other readers, support for this format appears only after installing the appropriate plug-in. Already because of this, many users call Moon + Reader the best reader for Android. And here a visual page turning mode is implemented, as if it were paper. But almost all such applications can boast of them. It should also be noted the possibility of opening files packaged in zip or rar archives.

Supported formats: fb2, txt, umd, pdf, chm, cbr, epub, html, mobi, cbz, tcr


AK2 Developer: AK2
Free Price: Free

If you have books and magazines saved in the DjVu format, it is recommended to download the EBookDroid reader. It supports this format by default, no plugins need to be installed. The program also copes with opening pdf, while there is a competent fine-tuning of fonts. Supports application and external dictionaries. EBookDroid also allows you to interact with online libraries, which uses the popular OPDS technology. Not forgotten by the creators and the ability to open books contained in zip archives.

Supported formats: fb2, xps (OpenXPS), rtf, awz3, epub, cbz, cbr, mobi, DjVu, pdf


ReadEra is a relatively young application, which in its functionality is not inferior to the more famous and old readers. The program has a nice and intuitive interface, screen orientation selection, font settings. There are several color themes - neutral options or designed for different times of the day. Like other readers in ReadEra, you can bookmark, view the table of contents, and break all the books into convenient folders: author, series, file type. You can also do your own sorting. The program is distributed completely free of charge, but it is not burdened with advertising. In order to support the project, users can share a link to ReadEra in their favorite social network .

The advantage of the program is an economical attitude to memory. She will remember the place where the reader stopped, even if the book is deleted and then re-downloaded. Inside the application, you can leave reviews about the books you read and give them grades, which other readers can then see. A pleasant fact is that, having downloaded the application, without plugins and additional subscriptions, you can read books in any format, as well as easily open archived books.

Supported formats: FB2, PDF, EPUB, DOC, DOCX, RTF, DJVU, MOBI, TXT, CHM

Pocketbook reader

PocketBook Reader is a really cool reader with tons of features. In addition to the fact that the application is completely free and is able to open any format, there are a number of important advantages. First of all, dictionaries. Thanks to them, you can download books in foreign >

As in other readers, there is a convenient adjustment of the text, appearance, page turning animation, and automatic scrolling of text. An interesting option is to search for an e-book by barcode - just scan it directly in the application to download or buy the book you are interested in. For synchronization between multiple devices, cloud storage is provided.

PocketBook Reader is a really convenient and interesting application for those who like to read.

Supported formats: PDF, EPUB, DjVu, FB2,, MOBI, DOCX, RTF, TXT, CHM, HTML, CBZ, CBR, CBT.


Readler is not an ordinary reader. The application does not support a huge number of extensions, but it is a great option for reading comics, magazines and scanned books. Properly speaking, it was originally for this that it was created. A simple interface, no ads, convenient file sorting - all this makes Readler the most favorite application for comic book fans.

Supported formats: PDF, DJVU, CBZ, CBR


MobiPups+ Developer: MobiPups +
Free Price: Free

The creators call the eBoox reader the cutest book reader app. Indeed, there are seals here. They do not interfere with the use of the program, but give useful tips and at first help to understand the functionality. In fact, eBoox is not only a program that can open already downloaded books, but also provides access to Russian and foreign resources for their purchase. The list includes the popular Amazon and LitRes, as well as a host of lesser-known stores from around the world.

Otherwise, the application’s functionality is standard - font, color scheme settings, the ability to put labels and bookmarks, highlight the desired parts of the text. There is convenient file sorting and synchronization between different devices, as well as support for all the most popular formats. But what really attracts attention is the original interface. It differs from all of the above and those who are looking for something unusual eBoox will definitely like it.

Supported formats: b2, epub, doc, docx, mobi, prc, txt, rtf, odt, html, cbr, cbz, zip-, rar-archives.


MyBook Developer: MyBook
Free Price: Free

MyBook is not quite a reader, but rather a resource with a huge number of books. There is no advertising, but there are paid subscriptions. According to them, users get access to 220,000 books, including news, just released in classic paper format. For those who do not plan to subscribe, MyBook has prepared a selection of 47,000 free books. For the most part, it contains classic pieces.

The application allows you to read books offline, has a day and night theme, offers thematic collections and recommendations. Inside MyBook, you can read reviews and see book ratings to conclude whether it is worth reading. There is also a selection of quotes from the works. For those who do not just read, but also want to know their progress, statistics are kept in the application - reading speed and results for a day, week, month.

The first 14 days you can use the program for free - a premium account is activated. Then you can choose to read only free books or buy a subscription for a month or immediately for a year. Standard subscription (133,000 books) - 199 rubles per month or 1990 per year. Premium (full access to the library, including books by Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, Alpina Publisher and others) - 459 rubles per month or 4590 per year.


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