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All unfulfilled rumors about the iPhone X

What users would like to see in the best iPhone smartphone, but they won’t wait this year: a fingerprint scanner on the screen, curved edges, stylus support.

The iPhone X smartphone was announced on September 12 after many months of waiting. Can it be said that no surprises followed? Over the years, Apple has been able to surprise with its marketing solutions. Sometimes leaks about future products appeared ahead of time through the software of the developers themselves. It seems that all efforts to keep the future of the device secret are in vain.

However, not all information from the category of rumors in the end turns out to be true. Some data is false, fortunately or to the chagrin of users. Below we describe the most notable rumors about the iPhone X that have not come true.


Fingerprint scanner inside the screen

Perhaps this was the biggest rumor. 2017 was supposed to be the year when fingerprint scanners move under the smartphone screen . Such scanners were expected not only in the iPhone X, but also in the Galaxy Note 8, but in both cases this did not happen. The technology was not ready for wide distribution. iPhone X had to be content with abandoning the Touch ID fingerprint scanner in favor of facial recognition, the effectiveness of which has not yet been tested.

This does not mean that the scanner inside the screen will not appear in the future. Qualcomm and Vivo have already shown a working prototype, although it has problems with the speed of fingerprint recognition. Despite this, there remains hope for the implementation of this technology. On the other hand, in the future Apple may refuse any kind of fingerprint reader.

Curved screen

This rumor came from last year. Allegedly, the iPhone X was supposed to get a revolutionary new screen, which will be curved along all four edges of the case. Thus, he had to outdo the Galaxy S8, getting rid of absolutely all the frames around the edges of the screen.

Such a device could suffer from a number of problems, including fragility and inconvenience of use. However, the idea lives in Chinese devices. Meizu may release such a smartphone soon.

Different design

The screen curved from all sides is not the only rumor that circulated before the announcement regarding the appearance of the smartphone. It also talked about a long screen without cutouts and a Touch ID scanner in front.

Many people don’t like the location of the fingerprint scanners on the back of the case, although they are found there with many good smartphones, such as the Pixel and LG devices. The design shown in the images was terrible, where the Touch ID scanner was located under the Apple logo near the center of the device. This would be a bad decision in terms of both convenience and beauty. For this reason, one can rejoice that the rumor has remained a rumor.

It is said that at one time Apple had at least ten prototypes of the iPhone X. Perhaps the option described above was considered at some stage of development as final.

Magic Wireless Charging

At one time, there were rumors that the iPhone X will receive a unique new method of wireless recharging. Instead of putting the smartphone on a charging mat, it’s enough to just be within 4.5 meters of a special transmitter.

It would be a great opportunity: the current wireless recharging options are quick and easy, but they do not allow you to take the device without disconnecting the connection, which reduces convenience.

Back in 2015, Energous, which developed this technology, spoke about cooperation with one of the leading manufacturers of consumer electronics. It is hoped that such a recharge will appear in future smartphones.

Apple Pencil Stylus Support

iPhone X and Galaxy Note 8 are in the same weight category, at least for the price. For this reason, it is strange that Apple does not adopt one of the key ideas of Note devices, although users would not mind at all. Rumors claimed that the iPhone will receive stylus support.

Right now, Apple Pencil can only work with iPad Pro tablets. The stylus is longer than the iPhone X smartphone, it would not look too nice with it, and beauty is an important aspect for Apple products. Despite this, many digital art enthusiasts will be upset.