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DNS is a large retail chain focusing on low prices. In this article, we will consider the convenience of buying a smartphone in the online store of this retailer.


The first DNS store ( Digital Network System ) was opened in Vladivostok in 1998 - almost immediately after the default. The outlet specialized in sales and assembly of personal computers. Later, the range of goods began to expand, and the business clearly went uphill. Since 2005, the company began to conquer the latitudes of Russia, opening stores in many other regions of the country. The company also includes a factory that produces computers and some other electronics under its own brand, and now under the DEXP trademark.

Initially, it was possible to purchase goods in DNS only by visiting a point of sale. But gradually, an increasing number of Russians began to receive high-speed Internet access. In this regard, the retailer’s official website began to develop, quietly turning into a full-fledged online store. Using it, you can easily find out if there is a thing in any of the 1300 existing DNS stores. But let's get to know the site better.


Site design

The appearance of the DNS online store has not changed for several years, which cannot but please regular customers. From time to time, only light edits are made, to which users quickly get used to it. For example, before the list of products in each category was quite dense, as a result of which a huge number of devices were placed on the page. Now, in the browser, approximately 8-9 products are displayed, but you can immediately see the number of stores in which the device is available. Also, under the name of the device, there was a place for squeezing out technical specifications. There is also the possibility of changing the presentation of goods - you can make the fields even larger and filled with information, or turn the page into a kind of grid of four columns.

All products are groupable. In particular, it is possible to sort them by price, name, number of reviews and rating. You can also group devices according to their specific characteristics. For example, for televisions, this may be the screen size, resolution, number of HDMI ports and other specifications. There is another way of sorting, which consists in choosing specific stores. For example, you don’t want to bring a TV from the other end of the city - then just mark the store closest to you. Finally, you can quickly remove the goods that are currently not available at the end of the list.

By the way, the DNS-Shop website will not display products that are available only in stores located thousands of kilometers from you. Here you can see the devices that will bring you in 6 days, but nothing more - they are in the regions neighboring you.

On the left side of the screen, when you are in the directory, there are more accurate sorting methods. Here you can select specific manufacturers, indicate the range of screen diagonals of interest, mark the required display resolution and perform other actions. All this allows you to find a TV, smartphone or any other device with exactly the characteristics that you require. As in other online stores, it is also available here to enter the estimated amount that you are willing to spend on the purchase.

At the bottom of the left column with the characteristics you need is the link “Advanced Search”. She works in the manner of Yandex.Market. By clicking on the link, you will be taken to a page with a mass of all kinds of specifications - from the manufacturer, the cost and diagonal of the display to the video format, degree of protection and dimensions. With all of these filters, you can easily pick up a smartphone that perfectly matches your expectations. Further it remains only to get acquainted with each model that the site will give you.

Assortment of goods and catalog

The number of smartphones present in DNS stores is not countable. You yourself see the list of companies in the screenshot above. During the price war in 2015-2016, Samsung products did not disappear from here, unlike Euroset and Svyaznoy. The largest number of sales in DNS can boast of low-cost devices. But top models are also selling quite well, although discounts on them are rarely provided.

By the way, in 2017, the trading network created a ProZapass bargain shopping card . How many points will be credited to it is indicated under the price of the goods. One point is equal to one ruble discount on a subsequent purchase.

If you click on a product, you will be taken to a page with its description. About half of this page is occupied by a block with photos, a price tag, an average rating, an indication of the availability in stores in your city, the Buy and Add to Compare buttons, as well as information about the warranty period and country of origin.

The lower block is divided into six tabs. By default, " Description " opens. Here is a sheet of text, which is sometimes physically difficult to read. Here are the basic specifications for the camera, processor, LTE support and battery. In some cases, below is a description from the manufacturer, actually copied from its official website.

The next two tabs are “ Features ” and “ Reviews ”. The first lists all the main specifications. They cannot be called too detailed - for example, DNS almost never indicates the pixel size of the built-in camera module. But the list is not insufficient, as it looks more complete than what the aforementioned Yandex.Market provides. However, it all depends on the specific smartphone model - budget models are described in less detail. As for the “ Reviews ” tab, users registered on the site share their impressions here. If several complaints were sent to a specific review, then it is sent to the very end, and its font becomes translucent. This allows you to limit your attention only to useful reviews.

Reading reviews is optional. You can simply pay attention to the average rating, which most often turns out to be quite honest.

The fourth tab is called “ Comments ”. In it, registered users briefly speak about the device, and sometimes ask something. Although questions on the idea should be asked in the sixth tab of the same name. Finally, the Reviews tab contains links to text and video reviews. The corresponding links are added by the users themselves, thereby earning special points from the DNS expert club. Some entrepreneurial users write their own reviews.

Separately, it must be said about the photographs. As expected, the devices are depicted on a crystal clear white background. In DNS, they try to photograph all sides of a smartphone or any other product. Often you can even look at the packaging and equipment! And for some time now, in the block with photos there is a link to the video with the unpacking of the smartphone. This process, by the way, takes three to four minutes, and music sounds in the background - all the important facts about the device are provided in the form of captions.

The only drawback of the product information page is the lack of a three-dimensional image of the device. In some other online stores, you can use the mouse to rotate the device around its axis, imagining that it is in your hand. There is no plug-in with such a function here. But it pays off with a large number of photos from different angles and the presence of high-quality video about unpacking.

Under the warranty information, you can see the “ Choose an accessory ” link. It really works! Pressing the button immediately displays all kinds of covers, virtual reality glasses, headsets and memory cards .

Prices and affordable payment methods

We started this review of the DNS online store by mentioning its aggressive pricing policy. The cost of many smartphones is really lower than in M.Video , Eldorado or, especially, Media Markt . At the same time, there are no problems with the guarantee - if necessary, you will be replaced with a product or a refund. Interestingly, returned devices are rarely sent to their manufacturer. More often they are repaired and sold in the same retail stores - on the counter with discounted goods.

It should be noted that for flagship and very popular smartphones, the price in DNS is often set at the same price as in other large retail chains. But accessories cost a little less.

What are the reasons for low prices? There are no miracles here. If all kinds of “Eldorado” and “M. Video” focus on their bonus cards, then the DNS decided to immediately offer the buyer goods at a low cost. That is why bonuses to the ProZapass card are rarely provided - this item can be seen under the price of only some devices. Also, a company from Vladivostok was repeatedly accused of being tricky at customs, indicating a lower cost of goods. This allows you to pay less taxes, achieving due to this lower prices on the counter.

DNS is more like a retail chain, rather than an online store. Therefore, there are very few payment methods available:

  • Cash - payment is made at the cash desk of the store when you arrive for the goods.
  • Bank card - presented at the cash desk of the store, supported by MasterCard, VISA and Golden Crown systems. You can also pay for the purchase directly on the site, even before receiving the goods.
  • Yandex.Money - with their help, you can make an advance payment.

DNS is a large trading network, so you can easily get a loan right in the store or even on the website. The partner banks in each region of Russia can have their own trading network, therefore we will not list them here.

Delivery of goods

In terms of delivery of purchased items, the DNS is similar to M.Video and other large retailers. It is almost impossible to familiarize yourself with all the conditions in advance. And in each city, the delivery of goods may cost different money. It is one thing to deliver some refrigerator to a resident of Kirov, and quite another to provide it to a Muscovite. The sizes of cities are very different, so the prices are completely different.

You can find out some delivery conditions related to your city on the DNS-Shop website. But even so you will not know the exact cost of delivery, since it can be completely different, depending on the type of goods purchased. The smartphone is easiest to pick up at the DNS store yourself. Even in the aforementioned Kirov, there are already seven of them - one of them will certainly be located close to your home. To receive the goods you only need to give the order number. If prepayment was made, then you may be asked for a passport or phone number. Shops usually work from 9 or 10 am to 20:00, and some of them even a little longer.

Separately, it should be mentioned such a store as DNS-Technopoint . This is the so-called online discounter. In fact, it represents one large warehouse with a cash desk and computers, with which an order is placed. DNS-TechnoPoint has its own website, the prices are lower - we recommend using it. At the same time, the account on the DNS-Shop and DNS-Technopoint websites is shared.


In terms of convenience, DNS is superior to almost any online store. And this should not be surprising, because a lot of money has been invested in the development of this trading network.

Let's get acquainted with the main advantages of the DNS-Technopoint or DNS-Shop website (they are made in the same style and use a single database, so you can consider them together):

  • The ability to order goods without registration. Although the account on the site will not bother you, it will simplify the receipt of bonuses, and also allow the system to enter your data automatically and keep a purchase history.
  • A wide range of. Here, trading is not limited to smartphones, smart watches, and tablet computers. DNS stores sell video cards, vacuum cleaners, coffee makers , spool removers, and more.
  • Easy loan processing. If you do not have the required amount, then just use the appropriate option. Including online credit is available here.
  • You can arrange home delivery. This applies not only to all kinds of washing machines and refrigerators. A smartphone will also be delivered to you for an additional payment - this will be done by the courier.
  • A perfectly implemented directory. Adequate sorting by various characteristics has been introduced here, and each product is equipped with a large amount of information.
  • Low prices. The retailer tries to keep prices lower than its main competitors.
  • Regular discounts. From time to time, the sales network holds large and not-so-large sales. This allows you to profitably purchase a smartphone, game for PS4 or something else.

The distribution network also has disadvantages:

  • Not the largest number of stores. Of course, DNS is present not only in regional centers. But, for example, in the Kirov region, shops can only be found in Kirov and Kirovo-Chepetsk (as of the summer of 2017). In this regard, the retailer is inferior to Svyaznoy and Euroset.
  • Lack of postal delivery. If your city does not have DNS stores, then you can’t buy the thing you are interested in.
  • Not the largest number of payment methods. From electronic means of payment, only Yandex.Money is accepted here, and even then with some restrictions.
  • Strangely realized bonus system. Rare items are rewarded with bonus points, which is why the meaning of the existence of a discount card is lost.

If there are stores of the DNS trading network in your city, then we recommend buying smartphones there. Here you will be satisfied with prices, assortment, and ease of placing an order.

Go to the store

Have you ordered gadgets in DNS? Write about your experience with this company in the comments! We will be happy to hear from you!



  • I bought a system unit. Before buying, I specifically clarified with the seller-consultant the presence of the installed Windows OS, as The price was too small.
    At home, it turned out that the OS was not installed. And this is not just a mistake of the seller-consultant, information about the availability of the OS was entered into their database, written on all price tags, etc. Apparently in this store a mess at all levels.

  • Dns shop of non-existent goods. During the month, not a single product of the 4 I selected and three reserved was in the store. The sellers call the product search "consultation" and require 500 rubles)))

  • Hello.
    I bought on your network at the address: Murmansk, Lenin Ave., 52, date 22.07.2018 Moscow time. 15.18 product Iron BOSCH 1137751 TDA2024010 2 299 rubles (for shares). The seller assured me that if at home I don’t like something, I can return it or exchange it within 30 days. I was not going to return anything, because I thought that BOSCH could not have any complaints. However, at home during operation 07/23/2018, I saw that (on the first day!), Water leaks from the nozzle on the second or third thing, and also from the spray-sprayer. Not always leaking, but sometimes. On the first day and such a full house! I’m already silent that the steam boost is zilch, and the silk is electrified and sticks (in principle, it’s not very important to me, you can buy an antistatic, it smoothes out normally, BUT IT GOES ON, THIS IS THE FIRST DAY OF OPERATION. NOT ALWAYS, but periodically, and for BOSCH quality, it’s somehow not compatible). So today, 07/24/2018 I tried to turn in the iron and buy another one (Brown, which I also paid attention to during the purchase, but made a choice in favor of another. Brown is slightly cheaper, but it did not play a role for me. I was guided by the choice in favor of the brand ) When exchanging surprises awaited me. First, the seller (another) said that the goods can only be exchanged at the same cost. (Sorry, but such a coincidence is rare!) I was surprised and said that the selling employee did not tell me this. The seller simply (as mentioned above) assured that I could exchange or return the product that I didn’t like with something, and that’s all within 30 days! No visits to service centers, etc. Further, the seller voiced other arguments: you need a passport. I agreed to carry my passport with me. I need my card, because I bought with a card. I was surprised that not the details. The seller objected: “No, you insert a card, and our car reads all the data from it, and within 3-5 days I will receive money in the account” I did not even argue with the seller and specify what your car is there (terminal, apparently) I’ll read from my card, it’s good that I’m not a Sberbank employee, otherwise I probably would have lost consciousness from such a passage, I agreed to this. Finally, as the conclusion of the story came, Maxim's deputy network manager (there is no name on the badge) and said that I can exchange goods or receive money only through a service center. By virtue of their duties, working in a municipal institution early. АХО периодически обращаюсь в этот центр за составлением дефектных ведомостей, для списывания имущества организации. В сервисном центре всегда очередь, в любое время года и дня недели. Мне надо взять отпуск, что бы сначала сдать, а потом взять эту дефект ведомость, которая будет платной. (или физ лица за дефектовку не платят??). Вопрос: почему продавец меня изначально не предупредил об этих мытарствах? О том что сдавать надо через сервисный центр. Должны в таком случае правила сдачи и обмена товара висеть в доступном месте в уголке покупателя. И мне прежде приобретения товара надо с ними ознакомиться. Во всяком случае я проверила бы все изначально в магазине. И еще: наша организация неоднократно брала в Вашей сети и ноутбуки и обогреватели и комплектующие, и были спорные моменты, когда я приходила и сообщала о том, что у обогревателя идет зловонный технический запах на протяжении 2 дней (поменяли без всяких споров и посещений сервисных центров). В другой раз не хватало единицы в комплекте электроники, то же без слов и возражений все обменяли. А для физ лиц что ли правила другие? Вопрос номер два что мне теперь делать с подтекающим утюгом? Он лежит у меня дома и пользоваться им страшновато, ведь может током ударить, если в первый день такие сюрпризы, я сомневаюсь что он дотянет до года (когда окончится срок гарантии). С уважением.