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The best fitness trackers for kids

We picked up some interesting gadgets that will help your children stay on the move.

Why do we need fitness trackers for kids? For the same reason that adults need them - to make them move more, instead of sitting at home. Of course, the list of features may differ from what fitness trackers have developed specifically for adults. Moreover, in order to interest the child, it is necessary to do this in a playful way, so that he is interested. Well-known manufacturers of sports trackers for children, for example, Garmin or Fitbit , understand this well.

It is worth noting that many manufacturers abandoned the manufacture of children's trackers in favor of smart watches . The latter have more options, and they get useful functionality not only for children, but also for parents who, having bought a child a smart watch, may not worry about the whereabouts of the child. Read about the most interesting of them in our thematic selection - the best smart watches for children . For those users who just want to make their kids spend more free time, the best children's trackers are presented below.


Fitbit ace 2

Price: from 7 490 rub.

Functional and fashionable fitness tracker Fitbit Ace 2 is designed for children aged six years and older.

The first version of the tracker was actually copied from Fitbit Alta, but without a heart rate sensor. The design of Ace 2 has been completely redesigned, becoming brighter and more fun. The device received children's dials with an animated target indicator, moisture protection and a bezel around the screen to protect against shock, which, given the lower price tag, makes the gadget several times better than its predecessor. Later, when the child grows up, the tracker can be changed to an adult Inspire bracelet. Despite all the benefits, Ace 2 never got a heart rate sensor.

Smart bracelet allows you to track the number of steps taken and sleep time. The received data is automatically synchronized with the application on the smartphone of parents. A child can connect the device to his smartphone to receive call notifications or send messages asking for help if necessary.

According to the manufacturer, the device fully complies with the requirements for children's fitness trackers. Using the application on a smartphone, you can configure which family members or friends will view the information received from the bracelet.

Garmin vivofit jr. 2

Price: from 4 900 rub.

Vivofit jr. 2 - the next generation of a smart bracelet for children from Garmin. Counting steps and achieving goals along with Disney characters, including Spider-Man and the Princess, will become even more interesting.

But what makes the process so exciting? When children reach their goal - 60 minutes of daily activity, they move to a new level. The scenario depends on which Disney character is installed in the bracelet.

Here, parents can also use the application to track the steps, sleep and activity level of the child. If you want to set reminders for housework, the bracelet will ring and vibrate, reminding the child what he needs to do (for example, paper and a pen mean that it is time for homework). For completing reminders, you can earn virtual coins, which can then be exchanged with adults for rewards.

Garmin allows you to choose one of two sizes: a one-piece bracelet for children aged four to seven years, and an adjustable analog with a buckle for children from six years and older. You can choose from five designs with characters from Disney, Star Wars and Marvel. All trackers are available in both versions.

In addition, the bracelet does not have to be charged every night. From a battery like a tablet, according to the manufacturer, the device will work for about a year.


Unicef ​​Kid Power Band

Price: from 1 300 rub.

As an added incentive to your kids' activity, Unicef's Kid Power Band helps send food packages to needy children around the world. The more time your child runs around the playground and stays active, the more food Unicef ​​will send.

But the Kid Power Band goes even further. At the end of the missions, you can watch new videos in more detail revealing the activities of the company. A special application is available for parents, which displays the missions completed and the current achievements of the children.

The bracelet is not so much thought out as its analogues, but the incentive that it puts before the children is a great encouragement to move even more. According to Unicef ​​estimates, one battery charge is enough for 7 days of battery life. If the child likes the idea and wants to move more than usual, it may be necessary to charge the tracker more often.

The Power Band comes in five different variations, three of which are limited versions of Star Wars.


Leapfrog LeapBand

Price: from 3,500 rubles.

Tamagotchi and Pokemon were popular among children for a certain reason - children are attracted by the care of a small virtual pet. To encourage children to move more, Leapfrog takes this idea and mixes it with a fitness tracker.

There are 8 pets to choose from from a frog to a unicorn, with which you need to complete tasks, collect points and play games. Initially, 14 tasks are available, but parents, if desired, can add another 36. In total, 50 different tasks are available in total.

The points that the child earns while completing tasks are used to take care of the pet and feed it. In Pet Chef mode, you can collect food for your pet. In this mode, the child will be able to learn interesting facts about proper nutrition. The bracelet is completely waterproof and supports the “school” and “silent” modes, so the gadget will not distract children from classes.

The device is intended for children from four to seven years. There are three colors to choose from: green, blue and pink.


Itsimagical Pro Sport Smart Band

Price: from 1,500 rubles.

Itsimagical inexpensive fitness bracelet offers customers the most necessary set of features - tracking physical activity, distance traveled, calories burned. In order to force the child to play sports, the device works in conjunction with a proprietary application. The more active the kid is, the more points he earns - which means he buys toys, goodies for his virtual pet and receives other pleasant bonuses.

The bracelet is made of silicone. It is lightweight, sits well on the hand, and most importantly - the material will not cause allergies. A reliable mount ensures that the tracker is not accidentally lost. The recommended age of users is from 6 to 9 years. The device synchronizes with a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth - Android 4.4, iOS 7.0 and newer versions are supported. The accessory works from the CR2032 battery, it lasts on average for 3 months. The device is made in red or blue.