Which iPhone to choose?

In 2017, the assortment of iPhones of different generations available for purchase is as great as ever. What version of the device is most appropriate to purchase?

Earlier, fans of the “apple” products had to wait for years until Steve Jobs “think out” the next smartphone. The modern Apple teaches us that new iPhones can be completely stamped like pies - several per year. Whether it is advisable to adhere to this approach for a company that has established itself as a manufacturer of goods of exceptional quality is a big question. The fact is that the brand's supporters now have a pleasant headache in 2017: how to decide which iPhone to choose?

Which Apple smartphones are on sale?

At the end of 2017, a limited number of iPhone models were officially sold in Russia - namely:

  • iPhone X is a premium product.
  • iPhone 8/8 Plus are two more devices introduced in 2017.
  • iPhone 7/7 Plus is the previous generation of smartphones.
  • iPhone 6S / 6S Plus are the 6th generation advanced models that came out in 2015.
  • iPhone SE - the "heir" of the iPhone 5S, a fairly compact smartphone , when compared with the latest generation of devices.

All of these gadgets are available in the online store Apple. There is no iPhone 6 in the catalog on the site - the model is considered too outdated - however, this device, like the iPhone 5S, is still distributed by resellers.

Do not forget about Avito and other sites for the sale of used items. On such portals you can buy "apple" devices of the 5th, 4th and even 3rd generations, perfectly preserved and at a reasonable price. However, before buying an old "apple", you should think carefully. Using applications on such a device will be problematic at best, and at worst impossible at all. iPhone 4 cannot be upgraded to iOS 8, and it is precisely this version of the "OS" that many programs from the AppStore require as minimal. Models 4S and 5 are updated to modern versions of iOS, but after the upgrade they begin to hang annoyingly.

When buying an iPhone in a little-known suspicious store or “on hand”, you should carefully check the device. The exact measures that need to be taken are described in our article on the verification of used iPhones .

Which iPhone is better for a photographer to buy?

Apple has never participated in the race for megapixels, reasonably believing that it is possible to improve the quality of photographs not only due to resolution. Even on the latest “apple trees” there are 12-megapixel modules - by the standards of 2017, this is a very average figure. At the same time, iPhones always shot at least as good as their closest competitors.

Photo enthusiasts should buy the iPhone 8 Plus .

And now we will explain why. It would be logical to advise you to buy an iPhone X, which has a dual 12-megapixel module with a wide-angle lens ( aperture f / 1.8) and a telephoto lens (f / 2.4). However, this gadget photographs not so much better than the "eight" to overpay for him 15 thousand rubles. The iPhone 8 Plus has a dual camera with the same resolution, similar in terms of aperture ratio to a wide-angle lens, but the telephoto lens is weaker - the f / 2.8 aperture. The iPhone 7 Plus camera has exactly the same characteristics, but the “eight” has an enlarged matrix - thanks to this, the camera captures more light, provides excellent color reproduction and does not allow any noise.

Here's an example of a shot taken on an iPhone 8 Plus by CNET-based photographer James Martin around San Francisco:

Which iPhone has the best autonomy?

To the user who puts the autonomy of the mobile device in the forefront, we will also recommend buying the iPhone 8 Plus. But do not rush to throw accusations of bias - our advice is not subjective, it relies on statistics provided by mobile market experts and the manufacturer itself.

Here is some information about the autonomy of the "apple" devices posted on the official Apple website:

iPhone 8

iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone X

Talk time

14 hours

21 hours

21 hours

When surfing the internet

12 hours

13 hours

12 hours

When playing a video

13 hours

14 hours

13 hours

It is noted that the "eights" work approximately as much as their "predecessors" of the 7th generation (corresponding in size). About the iPhone X it is said that it holds the battery for 2 hours longer than the iPhone 7. The values ​​given by Apple suggest that the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus are similar in terms of autonomy, although many experts believe that this is not so: “X” has a larger display and a thin case, in which a capacious battery simply could not fit, so in comparison with the 8 Plus it will surely yield.

Of the older models, the most praised is the autonomy of the iPhone SE - even despite the fact that its battery capacity is only 1,642 mAh.

TechRadar experts recognized the SE model as the “champion” in terms of price-autonomy. Testing made it possible to determine that at maximum load the gadget will “stretch” for 4 hours 7 minutes. iPhone 7 Plus showed the best results, 4 hours 14 minutes (which is obvious - it has a battery almost twice as much), but this device is also much more expensive - 7 "extra" minutes of autonomy in this case are clearly not paying off.

All users of the "apple" products are recommended to upgrade iOS to version 11.1. Due to such a simple measure, it will be possible to increase the battery life of the gadget by 40%.

Which iPhone to choose for those who appreciate compactness?

If the user wants to be able to control the gadget with one hand, he definitely should choose the iPhone SE with a screen diagonal of 4 inches. Although this smartphone is considered obsolete, it is still in great demand - especially after its price dropped to 19 thousand rubles. The key to popularity is an advanced filling: the SE model is both productive, and photographs remarkably, and holds a charge for a long time. Oh yes, and his design is just great!

Other of the iPhones on official sale, alas, cannot boast of compactness. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 devices have 4.7-inch diagonal displays. Plus models are bigger - they have 5.5-inch screens. The iPhone X is generally a giant: 5.8 inches.

Which iPhone is best for parents to give?

Mom or dad as a gift is better to buy again iPhone SE. There are a number of reasons:

  • Rare seniors are as good at mobile devices as young geeks. Parents, most likely, simply will not be able to appreciate the advantages of the latest model. And if they also find out how much such an iPhone costs, then they completely refuse to use it.
  • The SE model has small dimensions and fits in one hand - it’s convenient to use a smartphone, and it’s precisely the convenience and simplicity that people “over 50” value more functionality. The huge screens of the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X are great for gaming, but the elderly user does not need it at all.
  • The SE looks stylish. If you give a pink iPhone to mom, her delight will definitely turn out to be genuine.

Will it be possible to buy an iPhone if there is absolutely no money?

Do you want to become the owner of the coveted “apple”, but you don’t have enough money even to order Blackview from AliExpress for a stock? Do not despair - electronic bulletin boards will help you! If you look at Avito, you will be amazed at how much and at what modest prices second-hand iPhones of outdated modifications are now sold. In particular, iPhone 5 can be found for 5-6 thousand rubles, 4S - for 3 thousand rubles, and a simple “four” - for 1.5-2 thousand rubles. Back in 2012, the iPhone 4S proudly showed off in the most prominent place on the windows with a price tag of 30,000 rubles - it turns out that for 5 years it has fallen in price by 900%!

There is no other gadget from 2012 that would be as popular in 2017 as the iPhone 4S. Despite the fact that the “four” and the cameras are “funny” by modern standards, and the processor does not really pull modern programs from the AppStore, and the battery does not hold a charge for even a day, 4S can still be seen in the hands of young people. “Steve Jobs magic” works here - the iPhone 4S was the last smartphone released under its supervision. Many agree that after the death of the visionary Apple "is no longer a cake."


For a person who wants to buy an iPhone mainly in order to boast the latest “apple” to friends, the best option is the iPhone X. However, it is worth noting that every year bragging costs more and more - in 2017 you will have to give order for the right to own an exclusive product 90 thousand rubles.

The best option in terms of price-quality ratio in 2017 and 2018 is the iPhone 8 Plus. This is a gadget with a large screen, good autonomy and high-quality fast camera. In addition, the 8 Plus is significantly cheaper than the iPhone X.

For the user with a limited budget, the iPhone SE is the best option. Modest in size, the device is a real "monster" of performance and in functionality is not inferior to Apple devices of the 6th generation. In 2017, SE has a price below 20 thousand rubles - most likely, in 2018 it will be even more affordable.

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  • I do not like shovels. I’m surprised how people used to go away from large devices, making tiny devices, and now, on the contrary, the same iPhone is bigger and bigger from year to year) Because of the size and price, I bought the CE model. On Avito was completely new. Nimble, a lot of memory. In terms of functionality, for me, almost all models are the same.

  • I now have a red iPhone in use. 7. I won’t say that this is a good iPhone, I will say that it is the best among all that have already managed to get out. I don’t know about the 10th, but before him the seven is definitely the best. I had an iPhone 6 and even an iPhone 8, but I still sold them and returned to the seventh. For me it is just perfect. I closely monitor all the iPhones that are released, constantly study them, compare them with each other and still think that the seventh turned out to be the most successful. I will not speak about moisture protection and support for Force Touch. All iPhones have this, starting with 6s. According to the filling. She has a powerful seven + aluminum case. Good screen expansion, natural colors, does not yellow and there are no other defects when shooting. And a normal charge! I don’t like wireless, they’re not convenient for me at all. I found 7 in such a cool color on Avito. The price is fully justified. When I received the package for boxberry, I almost fainted, I was so happy about the purchase))