The best apps for writers and bloggers

Writing notes or books is more convenient on a PC with a large screen, but what if an ingenious thought came to you along the way. Applications for writers on Android and iOS will help to beautifully design it and immediately publish it in your favorite social network or popular service.

Mobile devices are not the best way to create content - the keyboard occupies a good half of the screen, and without that small buttons, small and inconvenient for the large fingers, the T9 constantly threatens to correct the correct phrase to complete nonsense. In terms of working on text, neither a tablet nor a smartphone can fully replace a computer, but with a modern active rhythm of life it is impossible to carry a laptop with you everywhere. And the muse, as you know, "does not come on schedule."

Fortunately, there are applications on both Google Play and the App Store that allow writers and bloggers to “catch” the idea in order to subsequently create high-quality text based on it or immediately publish it for public viewing. Many of these programs have advanced functionality. We have selected for you the best applications from a mass of options.


IOS Writer Apps

Alas, no free text editors in the App Store can be found. The writer, who does not want to pay for software, has to be content with the built-in “ Notes ” and endure the functional scarcity of this program.

Word masters who are willing to spend money in order to get a permanent assistant should pay attention to the following applications.


459 р. Price: 459 p.

Byword is the most functional iOS application for creating texts. The program supports the lightweight Markdown formatting >Markdown allows you to use tables, pictures and videos. The content created in Byword does not need to be finalized on the computer - it can be immediately published to the blog in WordPress or Tumblr .

Are there any other advantages of Byword ?

  1. Asceticism . For a person accustomed to Word, the Byword interface will cause amazement. In front of the writer is actually a blank sheet of paper - there is no toolbar to be seen, the screen is not blocked by the keyboard by half. Minimum settings too: only font style and letter size.
  2. Integration with cloud services . The document is easy to drop into Dropbox and iCloud . Thus, starting to create content on the iPhone , you can complete it already on the Mac.
  3. A wide range of supported formats . Byword works not only with standard ones. doc,. rtf and. txt , but also with. pdf and. html files.

The acquisition of Byword "will cost a pretty penny": the application costs 459 rubles. However, once spending money on buying this program, the user will hardly ever feel the need to change the text editor on the iPhone.

iA Writer

iA Writer is a great environment for writers with maximum features. Here you can not only create text, but also select a layout from the list of ready-made ones or create your own, quickly find documents for editing, turn the finished text into HTML , Microsoft Word or a PDF file. The program allows you to upload files to cloud services, has the function of highlighting one line, so that already written text does not distract from creating the most expressive sentence.

There is a built-in helper here - it will highlight weak verbs, unnecessary adjectives and point to “water” in the text. When creating text, users will be able to immediately insert links, images, tables and other elements to make the text more visual. The finished result can be viewed in preview mode. IA Writer has a dark and light theme for comfortable work at different times of the day.

Benefits of IA Writer :

  1. Focus mode. Highlights only the desired passage, allowing you not to be distracted by the remainder of the text.
  2. Simple interface No extra tools, you only see the workspace and keyboard.
  3. Large selection of formats - PDF, DOCX, HTML and others.

It is worth noting that by default the application works only with the iCloud Drive cloud, but by contacting support you can get synchronization with OneDrive , Box , Google Drive , Dropbox .

The cost of the application is about 600 rubles.

Notebooks - Write and Organize

529 р. Price: 529 p. +

Write and Organize is a powerful program not only for creating texts, but also for organizing tasks. The application independently synchronizes all text files on the device, allows you to use the Markdown >PDF version or e-book. The program can recognize speech, which allows you to pronounce the text, if there is no possibility to make a printed note.

To work with files on multiple devices, Dropbox and WebDAV support is provided. The desktop version provides file sharing - this will allow different users to start working from the place where it was completed earlier. All this is accompanied by a concise interface, convenient file search and the ability to organize them into convenient directories. There is a dark mode for working at night.

Application Features:

  1. Task Manager - allows you to synchronize tasks already created in other applications and quickly add new ones or switch between existing ones.
  2. Support for a large number of formats - HTML , PDF , MS Office , iWork , web page, photo, video, music.
  3. Built-in converter - allows you to convert text to PDF file , e-book, and also converts speech to text.

The cost of the application is about 450 rubles.

Apps for writers on Android

The Google Play store, unlike the App Store, is full of free applications for taking notes and working on text.


Free Price: Free

The Evernote app is a convenient tool for keeping notes and organizing affairs. The program is free, but requires registration via email. Here you can enter typed text, create handwritten or voice notes. All files can be stored in folders for convenient organization and further search. You can add audio, video, photo to any note or make it as a reminder. You can take photos directly from the application - prompts will appear on how best to photograph a bank card, check, business card, so that the text without glare, dimming and other noise. In Evernote, you can save a web page for viewing at a more convenient time. An internal chat is also provided here - if you have friends who also use the application, then you can communicate directly in it.

You can add notes to the desktop, configure the display of notifications about the need to complete a task. For convenience, a dark theme is provided. A basic account allows you to access information from two devices. Files can be up to 25 MB. When you activate a premium account, the user gets the opportunity to save files up to 200 MB in size, access to their own 10 GB cloud appears, and the number of devices for one account becomes unlimited. Also in the paid version there is the ability to edit PDF files.

Features of Evernote :

  1. Built-in organizer.
  2. Photo storage - you can organize folders for storing checks, business cards, and more.
  3. Synchronization between multiple devices - you can start work on your smartphone, and continue on your tablet or laptop.
  4. Chat inside the application - you can share ideas and thoughts without leaving the program.

Subscription to Evernote Premium - about 520 rubles per month or 4500 rubles per year. It is worth noting that even a basic account is enough for full daily work, while there are no annoying ads or constant hints to buy an extended version.

Journey - diary, journal

Journey is a kind of diary in which you can record thoughts, events, attach geodata, photos to records, and set the mood indicator in which the note was made. The application can be installed on different devices, has automatic synchronization in Google Drive . You can upload notes directly to Journey from Facebook , Twitter , Tumblr, or WordPress . You can use the atlas to view the records - a map with the marks where the note was created will be displayed.

The application keeps statistics - for those who want to achieve success in the craft of writing it will become a catalyst - you can clearly see on what day the notes were made, and when the user was too lazy to write down his thoughts. The application allows you to create a password for access to information - if the phone is in the wrong hands, all innermost thoughts will remain untouched. When taking notes, there is a convenient setting for themes, style and font size. The program can be synchronized with other similar applications Evernote , Day One , Diaro . All files can be uploaded to Microsoft Word or converted to PDF .


  1. File storage in Google Drive - you can access notes from different devices.
  2. Upload files from the application to popular blogs.
  3. Nice and intuitive interface - there is nothing superfluous, convenient configuration.
  4. Convenient display of files by geotags, folders, days of the week.
  5. Security - you can set a password to enter the application.

In the paid version of the application, the user gets access to the multi-platform version, synchronization with Google Fit , a larger number of themes and formats for recording, an expanded file size, receiving reminders and the ability to take notes by e-mail, a night theme.

The cost of the premium version for life is 600 rubles. Membership in Journey - full access to the application and other developer services - 5,390 rubles.

JotterPad X: Writer

JotterPad - Notepad on Android, designed for creative individuals. It differs from other note-taking applications in the presence of several built-in text formats. If the user selects, say, the “ Poem ” format, he will not have to figure out how to center the text and separate one line from another.

For what other reasons does the JotterPad notepad deserve attention?

  1. Laconic design is perhaps the key criterion for choosing a text editor. The developers left only the most necessary menu items and, moreover, hid them so that they did not distract the writer. All that the user sees in front of him is a blank sheet.
  2. Lots of innovative features. For example, JotterPad gives the user the opportunity to choose one of the exclusive fonts from Hoefler Co, as well as upload their fonts. In addition, the application includes an English dictionary, a function for evaluating syntax online and night mode (white text on a black background).
  3. Synchronization with the cloud. All created texts can be instantly saved to Dropbox .

A few complaints from users of JotterPad are usually related to the lack of Markdown markup >JotterPad electronic notepad is already arrogance: the program’s functionality is already unnecessarily good for free software.


Quip, Inc. Developer: Quip, Inc.
Free Price: Free

The main feature of the Quip text editor is that it allows several online users to work on the same document at once. At the same time, each of the users will be aware of those edits that the others make.

The entire Quip workspace is divided into 3 sections: “ Notes” (“Inbox”) , “ Documents” and “ Chat” . In the " Notes " section, the user creates the text, through the " Documents " connects one or more people to evaluate and make changes, and finally, in the " Chat " discusses the corrections. You can edit a ready-made document - it supports import from Evernote , Google Drive and Dropbox .

Thus, the Quip application is perfect for both the corporate sector and for individual use or for writing books in collaboration. Its only drawback is the need for a stable Internet connection for collective editing, however, you can make edits yourself and offline.

Blogging Platforms for Android and iOS

Text created using one of the above programs, a blogger can be published directly from a mobile device. Well-known blogging platforms are available as apps on Google Play and the AppStore.


Automattic Developer: Automattic
Free Price: Free

The cross-platform Word Press application allows you to “look after” several blogs at once, regardless of whether they are hosted on or on the blogger’s hosting.

What exactly does the Word Press app allow a blogger to do?

  1. Correct various errors in already published content.
  2. Moderate comments and give readers answers.
  3. Post new notes created literally on the go.
  4. Analyze your visit statistics to always be in the know where readers come from most often.

At the thematic forums and in the reviews you can find enough complaints about the mobile Word Press , but this is not a reason to refuse to use the program. Firstly , you still can’t find a better blogging application, and secondly , with each update, the mobile version takes giant steps forward. Basic functions are regularly improved and new ones appear - let's say the latest version of Word Press allows you to publish pictures directly from the gadget's camera. An obvious advantage of the program is that in the App Store and Google Play, you can download it for free.

Live journal

The platform, which is used by a significant number of domestic bloggers, unfortunately, does not yet have a decent mobile version. The LiveJournal application is available on both Google Play and the AppStore - in the store for "apple" gadgets it is presented in 3 variations: for iPhone , for iPad and universal . However, each version has a rather low average rating of users who are not too lazy to write extensive angry comments.

Among the positive aspects of the Live Journal application, users note:

  1. Attractive design.
  2. A unique opportunity to open several user accounts at once - other applications for maintaining LiveJournal cannot do this.
  3. Integration with social networks . The articles you like are easy to post on your Facebook or Twitter page .
  4. The ability to publish photos directly from the camera.

However, Word Press is also capable of doing all this, which is devoid of numerous disadvantages of the Live Journal . The main complaints of users to the application are regular “crashes” and lack of access to the top publications. Minor inconveniences are noted: very many users speak critically about the fact that the application forces you to write every word with a capital letter.

Owners of Android smartphones are at least not as offensive as iPhone and iPad users: the application is available for free on Google Play, and it is downloaded from the AppStore for money (and regardless of version). A universal application costs 459 rubles - this amount seems sufficient to rely on quality.


Google LLC Developer: Google LLC
Free Price: Free

Another blogging application, whose rosy description on Google Play contrasts sharply with the content of negative comments. It should be noted right away that Blogger is not a cross-platform application - it is not in the AppStore . However, iPhone and iPad owners have access to their Blogger posts - they can edit content on this platform through the BlogGo mobile client.

Blogger on Android provides the user with all the necessary functions - a writer can:

  • Post new notes and edit existing ones.
  • Switch between multiple blogs.
  • Embed text from the gallery and pictures directly from the camera into the text.

An unpleasant surprise is the instability of the application. According to user reviews, the program crashes constantly - no matter how many updates come out, the problem remains relevant.

In addition, writers point out that uploading photos to a Blogger post is real torture. For example, it is impossible to swap photos - you have to delete the pictures and upload again.

From the foregoing, we conclude that the Blogger program has something to improve. However, even with existing shortcomings, the rating for this application on Google Play is higher than that of the Live Journal .


Free Price: Free

Tumblr is not just another blogging tool (like Blogger ), but an entire social network of online diary enthusiasts. The user is not limited only to his blog - he can read and comment on other people's posts, which the application will recommend taking into account his personal interests. Unfortunately, Tumblr is not yet very popular among Russian-speaking users.

What does a Tumblr mobile app allow a blogger to do?

  1. Reblog . Reblog is a unique Tumblr function that allows you to post other people's posts on your blog (of course, without violating intellectual property rights), as well as add comments to these posts.
  2. Change the design of your own blog . В плане оформления пользователь ограничен только фантазией и техническими средствами смартфона. Само же приложение не признаёт лимитов: можно менять шрифты, цвета, добавлять картинки, заметки, цитаты. Tumblr работает и с GIF-анимацией: «гифка» размещается даже в качестве главного изображения.
  3. Общаться с другими блоггерами напрямую . Если читатель оставит комментарий к записи, неизвестно, заметит ли его блоггер и сочтёт ли нужным на него ответить. Поэтому Tumblr даёт возможность отправлять личные сообщения авторам блогов, на которые пользователь подписан – такие письма точно не останутся без внимания!

Приложение Tumblr доступно для загрузки в Google Play и в AppStore совершенно бесплатно.


К сожалению, у россиян нет возможности полноценно пользоваться некоторыми качественными и полезными приложениями для написания книг из-за того, что эти программы не русифицированы. Например, приложение Character Story Planner , позволяющее разрабатывать образы литературных персонажей, по-настоящему бесценно для писателя.

Отечественные блоггеры тоже вынуждены испытывать неудобства при использовании мобильных устройств для создания записей. Единственным приложением для ведения блогов, проработанным в достаточной мере, является WordPress. Тем, кто ведёт блоги на Blogger или Live Journal, повезло меньше – в Google Play обе программы имеют очень низкие оценки. В AppStore же Blogger нет вообще, а за « Живой журнал » просят сумму, которая явно не соответствует качеству программы.