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What is known about iPhone 9

We can say for sure that the final name is unknown, but there are assumptions regarding the appearance and hardware characteristics.

At the end of last year, the most unique iPhone device of the last few years went on sale. Therefore, interest in the models that will replace him is now great. A lot of rumors and assumptions have already appeared about them, both from reputable sources, and not so much.

Oddly enough, most of the rumors do not circulate about the iPhone Xs or Xs Plus, but about the iPhone 9 model, which will replace the iPhone 8 . The iPhone 9 should account for 50% of Apple's smartphone shipments in 2018.

The new device will occupy the same price category as the iPhone 8 , so the differences between the model and the premium iPhone Xs are interesting. iPhone 9 should get a TrueDepth camera and a cutout at the top of the screen, but at the same time be no more expensive than $ 700, as sources in the supply chain of components say.


At first it was reported that the iPhone 9 will have an all- metal case instead of a glass one, but the well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities speaks of an aluminum frame. The iPhone X has a stainless steel frame that is stronger and more expensive, so Apple can reduce production costs due to aluminum. Another reason for using a glass back surface instead of a metal one is the desire to maintain support for wireless charging.

Qualcomm uses resonant inductive coupling technology to wirelessly charge metal smartphones without heating the case, called WiPower. If you put such a smartphone on a regular tray with support for the Qi standard, nothing good will come of it. Therefore, recently, glass-coated smartphones are increasingly coming out. Glass makes wireless recharging a lot easier, which is why an aluminum frame instead of an all-metal casing looks like the preferred option. It is unlikely that Apple will refuse to recharge wirelessly right after the first time it introduced its support in the iPhone 8.

Single camera

While there is no accurate information regarding the cameras of the three expected iPhone models, there is little doubt that the iPhone Xs and Xs Plus will receive dual rear cameras with optical image stabilization on each. The iPhone 9 should again be content with a single rear camera, like the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7.

It is possible that sensors or optics will be added or updated if Apple is in time by the time smartphones are released. However, it is hard to imagine what else can be done better if the camera supports recording 4K HDR video at a speed of 60 frames / s. The Dual Pixel continuous instant autofocus or more than 2x optical zoom may appear. No information is available on this yet.

Cutout gets to LCD

In 2018, Apple may release not one smartphone with a “favorite” with all the cutouts at the top of the screen, but all three. It houses the front TrueDepth camera, which is responsible for facial recognition . The main candidates for entering the iPhone 9 are JDI Full Active LCD screens.

JDI has developed LCD screens that offer the benefits of flexible OLEDs apart from deep black. In some respects, they even surpass OLED, not to mention a lower price. The frame on all sides is reduced to a size of 0.5 mm, while the current frameless smartphones it is twice as thick, and even lower at the bottom.

Apple typically works with component suppliers to resolve screen resolution, size, and color. Presumably, the aspect ratio will be 18: 9 , but in this case, application developers will have to scale them to three different sizes, so the information is questionable. Already announced a 6-inch screen with a resolution of 1080 x 2160, known for flexibility, durability, PixelEyes technology, as well as a deeper black compared to other LCD screens.

Thus, Apple can once again offer an excellent screen, even if not OLED, which will reduce cost. iPhone 9 may do without support for 3D Touch, but there will be Face ID and animoji in a lower price category.

The same processor and less memory

Although all three new devices can run on the same processor, the memory configuration should be different. iPhone 9 is likely to get 3 GB of memory, and the other two devices are 4 GB. There is a rumor that the most premium model will be able to offer up to 512 GB of flash memory.

Samsung has already announced a similar memory chip for mobile devices, so from a technical point of view it is possible, but such a model will be incredibly expensive. iPhone 9 is likely to remain in current versions of 64 and 256 GB.

The Apple A12 processor is expected on the 7 nm manufacturing process. Production should start in the second half of the year. Each subsequent Apple processor goes into an increasingly finer manufacturing process, and only Apple can order more than 100 million copies at TSMC enterprises so that production is cost-effective.

Battery and motherboard

Rumors of an L-shaped battery in the iPhone X have come true, although it has two parts. To do this, we had to use various miniaturization technologies, which allowed us to increase the battery capacity of the iPhone X by 30% compared to a rectangular shape, the result was 2716 mAh.

Apple is about to take the next step and supply the 6.5-inch model with a 3300-3400 mAh battery. The 6.1-inch version with an LCD screen will receive a 2850-2950 mAh battery, since there will be no vertical arrangement of chips, as on the Xs and Xs Plus. Given the finer processor production, the runtime should increase.


As already mentioned, the iPhone 9 in the United States will cost $ 700- $ 800, while the cost of the other two versions can only be wondered. Apple usually makes the final decision on the features and design of the iPhone closer to March, so there’s still time. A recent rumor claimed that two iPhones with LCD screens would be released instead of one, iPhone 9 and Xs.

Given the inevitable decline in component costs over time, Apple may decide to reduce the initial cost of Xs compared to the iPhone X. For example, the price will be $ 849 for the basic version, especially if you can use the Full Active LCD screen. An Xs Plus with a 6.46-inch OLED screen may cost $ 999.

How much will the iPhone Xs Plus 512 GB cost, everyone can try to guess for himself. It is likely that for the first time the base model of the iPhone will overcome the $ 1,000 mark, since the prices of flagship smartphones have been rising for many years.