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iPhone X goes on sale in Russia

In the next couple of months, acquiring the iPhone X in Russia may be difficult due to high demand, despite the prices of 79,990 and 91,990 rubles.

The Russian market often takes places not in the forefront of large manufacturers of electronic devices. For example, sales of iPhone devices earlier began a little later than in the United States and other Western countries. In the case of the iPhone X, this is not so, and sales in our country will start simultaneously with other countries, namely November 3. The basic model with 64 GB of permanent memory costs 79,990 rubles. There is also an option with a memory capacity of 256 GB, which will cost 91,990 rubles.

In Moscow, in front of the store on Tverskaya Street, the line began to appear a few days before the start of sales. On Thursday there were several hundred people in it. Many of them cost more to resell the device.

IPhone devices in Russia are among the most popular, according to statistics from the Svyaznoy retail chain. They account for one third of the revenue from the sale of smartphones.

An official Apple dealer in Russia reports that in 6 minutes the same number of iPhone X units were ordered as the iPhone 8 in the first day. At VimpelCom, pre-orders turned out to be twice as large as the iPhone 8 , the most popular option is the gray color with a memory capacity of 256 GB. MTS ordered the same amount of iPhone X in an hour as the iPhone 8 in the first day.

Analysts do not rule out that by the end of the year iPhone X in Russian stores will be a scarce commodity, as demand is several times higher than supply. New deliveries may take place on November 10th.