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How to connect an Android smartphone to a computer?

Modern smartphones no longer require a PC connection. It was in the first half of the 2000s that it was possible to install something new on a communicator or smartphone only using a PC. And a computer in those days was required for serious settings of a mobile device. Now you can connect Android to a computer without much difficulty, but this action has become extremely rare. And yet we will tell you how to connect the phone to the PC.


USB connection

There are one wired and a ton of wireless connection methods. The first is the easiest, but there are a lot of problems with it. Sometimes the computer does not see the device, which causes the user a natural tantrum. In this material we will try to help in this case.

If you connected your smartphone to a computer using a wire, but the desktop operating system does not react to this in any way, then you need to perform several simple steps:

  • Replace the USB cable. The fact is that some wires are used only for energy transfer - they are simply not able to work with the information flow. This is especially true for cables purchased in Chinese online stores.
  • Try plugging the wire into another USB port. It is noted that high-speed USB 3.0 connectors sometimes do not recognize some devices connected to them. Therefore, try connecting the device to an old USB 2.0 port.
  • Try connecting the gadget to another computer. It is advisable that it work using a different version of the operating system. If there is such a problem there, then something happened to you with the microUSB connector or some other components. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can help in this matter - you will need a smartphone repair.

Other wired issues

Not everyone suspects this, but an unlocked device cannot be synchronized with a PC. If you decide to connect Android to your computer via USB, first enter the code, draw a graphic key or provide your fingerprint. Of course, this does not apply to those devices that do not have a secure lock.

Certain problems are caused by a USB connection to a computer running Windows XP. At the time of its popularity, no touchscreen smartphones existed, and therefore, by default, the corresponding drivers are not built into it. You can fix this by downloading Media Transfer Protocol (MTP).

On any other computer, driver installation may also be required. Usually it is installed automatically the moment you make the USB connection for the first time. But there are exceptions when something interferes with the system. If you have such a case, then go to the " Device Manager ". In the list you will see your device, while unnamed, marked with a yellow exclamation mark. Right-click on it, selecting “ Update ” in the context menu. Next, follow the tips in the pop-up menu. So you can automatically search for the driver in the appropriate Microsoft database or install the driver stored on the PC (then you first need to download it from the official website of the manufacturer).

The activated USB-modem mode can also make it difficult to connect to a computer. It is disconnected along the path " Settings " - " Wireless Networks " - " More " - " Modem Mode ".

On more modern smartphones, this item is in the settings in the "Connection and Sharing" section . Make sure that the slider opposite the “USB modem” is in the “Off” position.

If you cannot find this item, then use the line to search for settings. And then activate the desired option.

It should be noted that smartphones have several modes of wired connection to a PC. It is possible that you accidentally chose one that is not supported by the computer. You can change the mode by clicking on the corresponding notification (it is always displayed when the device is connected to a PC). You need to enable the MTP (Media Device) mode.

On smartphones with a more recent version of Android, item names may vary slightly. For normal operation of the device, you must select the "File Transfer" mode.

Finally, USB debugging may help in some cases. To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1. Open the " Settings " section and find in it the item " For Developers ".

Step 2. In this subsection, activate the checkbox for " USB Debugging ".

Connect to a computer via Wi-Fi

There are several ways to connect Android to a PC without using a cable. The easiest way to use Wi-Fi technology for these purposes. Of course, your apartment should have a router, because the connection will be carried out with it.

Theoretically, you can synchronize with the built-in tools, but this path is too long and complicated. Therefore, we recommend that you use Airdroid or some other similar application. Let's use his example to figure out how to connect to a PC via air:

1. Install and run Airdroid.

2. At the first start, you can register an account or click the subtle “ Login later ” button.

3. Next, the program will offer to transfer all incoming notifications to the computer. Click the “ Accept ” button. In some cases, you will be additionally transferred to the appropriate settings section, where you need to check the Airdroid notification mirroring service.

4. Next, you can transfer files to a computer, record a screen, take screenshots and perform other actions. On a PC, you need to open a browser and go to the address displayed on the top line of the application.

5. If you register an account, you can synchronize by going to a simpler URL: .

6. If you want to end the connection, then go to the application and click on the " Disconnect " button. You can also click on the “ Exit ” button in the browser window, then confirming your actions.