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Task managers seem quite simple software, limited functionally, however, new task applications appear almost weekly, and each of them is characterized by such unique functions that you can only marvel at the imagination of the developers.

In 2019, task managers have long gone beyond the Google Play and AppStore, so they are often available in web versions or versions for Windows or macOS. In addition, now some of them go beyond the usual task managers and are multifunctional tools for personal development, doing business, working on projects, or are used to manage projects in companies. In this collection, we will consider the best such applications - from the simplest to the most sophisticated and stuffed features.



Todoist is a cross-platform service suitable for iOS, Android, Windows and even Symbian operating systems, which owners of old Nokia will be happy with. The desktop version of Todoist is available , as well as extensions for the Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Todoist regularly wins various ratings of business applications - what makes this service different from its many competitors?

  • Laconic design . There is not a single extra button that would senselessly occupy the screen area of ​​the gadget.
  • High functionality. Often, gadget owners refuse to use Todoist without even starting, because they believe that with such a simple design, the task manager cannot possess the functionality they need. They are mistaken: Todoist is famous for its wide range of functions - you can sort tasks, view the number of open cases and even use special tags that will allow you to quickly access any task. The curious features that distinguish Todoist from its analogues are the subtask system, which allows you to link small tasks with one common task, and karma, which is a motivational section where the user is able to monitor the dynamics of their own productivity.
  • Easy registration and authorization. You can sign in to Todoist using your Google Account (Gmail).

For personal use, a free task manager is enough "for the eyes", but for work on projects it is recommended to purchase a paid version of the program that allows you to set reminders by e-mail and SMS and transfer tasks to Google and iCal calendars. The Pro version costs 190 rubles a month or 2190 rubles a year.


Wunderlist is a popular task manager that captivates with its simplicity. One of the main advantages of Wunderlist is that this service has desktop versions for all operating systems, and not just for Mac, like many competitors.

Since the release of the third version, this task manager has even more fans, because the developers have worked nicely on the application interface, making it concise and visually attractive. Upon entering the program, the user immediately sees a list of tasks for today and an empty line for adding new tasks. During execution, the task can be marked with an asterisk, thereby emphasizing its priority. By clicking on a task from the list, the user will see its detailed description, as well as sub-tasks attached to it.

New windows appear and disappear with pleasant animation on a background that is customizable, for example, you can put a soothing photo of green grass. In addition to the background, a personal account is also configured - this allows the smartphone application to synchronize with desktop versions and perform back-up.

The developers emphasize that the standard version of Wunderlist can be downloaded for free, however, for the amount of about $ 5 a month, the Pro version is also sold, which does not impose limits on the size of the attached files and the maximum number of subtasks.


Any . Do is another task manager combining minimalistic design and high functionality. Any . Do is suitable for gadgets on Android, for iPhone and for use on laptops, as it is compatible with the Google Chrome browser.

Any . Do there is a whole list of unique functions that distinguish this program from similar ones:

  • The developers made sure that the owner of the smartphone had to print less, so you can just dictate the task, and Any . Do will record. The program also understands Russian speech.
  • There is a reminder function - the program is activated as soon as the user arrives at a certain point on the map.
  • Any . Do gives you the ability to add notes to cases and prioritize. To view priority tasks, use the new Any function . Do moment .
  • The application supports gestures. For example, to delete all completed cases, just shake the smartphone.
  • Any . Do works not only with Chrome, but also with other applications from Google - let's say you can import to-do lists from Google Task.
  • The application interface is made in pleasant blue and white tones, simple and intuitive, spared from unnecessary meaningless buttons.

There are paid and free versions of this task manager for personal tasks and work. Paid costs $ 2.99 per month and allows you to remove limits on the volume of the attached file (1.5 Mb) and on the use of the Moment function (5 times a month), as well as use a large number of themes.

Pocket lists

1312 Developer: 1312
Free + Price: Free +

Pocket Lists is one of the best diary apps for iPhone and iPad, able to successfully replace such built-in tools as Notes , Reminders , Calendar, and offer the user additional features. In the main menu, the user will encounter the following sections:

  • Lists are the main section; tasks are created and stored here. An interesting feature of the application is the intellectual input, thanks to which the task completion date is automatically recognized. Let's say you can enter “ call Sasha at six tomorrow ,” and the application will automatically set a reminder at 18:00 the next day. OCR technology is supported for recognizing text from an image - this can be useful if, for example, there is a photo of a recipe from a cookbook.
  • Stream - here you can view all assigned cases in order of priority.
  • Together - in this section you can synchronize your own to-do lists with the lists of another person via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  • Settings - You can configure Push notifications and synchronization with Google Tasks and Toodledo.

With such wide functionality, Pocket Lists have a number of drawbacks: firstly, the program does not have a desktop version, and secondly, Pocket Lists can be downloaded only for money - the price is 379 rubles.


Grailr LLC Developer: Grailr LLC
229 р. Price: 229 p. +

The Carrot application is not suitable for organizing the workflow, but it will allow you to conduct everyday tasks in a fun way in a game. In reviews of task managers, Carrot is often titled the most “emotional” task application.

Carrot responds positively if the task is completed on time, and "angry" if the user postpones the matter "for later." In a good mood, the program displays a praise or an encouraging inscription on the gadget’s screen, as well as points, thanks to which you can further expand the application’s functionality (for example, configure Push notifications). Being “angry,” Carrot displays inscriptions full of resentment and resentment. At the same time, Carrot does not tolerate insults, so the user can be sure that the messages will not be humiliating for him.

This task manager for Android will not work, there is no desktop version for the computer either. Carrot only installs on iPhone and iPad. You will have to pay 229 rubles for downloading to the AppStore.

Google tasks

The digital giant Google relatively recently also has its own task manager called Google Tasks, which is convenient to work with in integration with Google Docs, Google Keep and Google Calendar. For example, working with documents in Google Docs and remembering that you need to buy milk in the evening, you can open the side panel of documents, where there is a Google Tasks application that you can quickly enter a task into.

Google Tasks has a simple intuitive interface and many features. For example, each item in the task list may have its own tree structure with comments, notes, sub-items, deadlines, and so on. From the negative - each task can be assigned a deadline, but not an exact time. Google Tasks does not have a web client or PC version. Only applications for Android and iOS.

Things 3

749 р. Price: 749 p.

Things 3 is one of the best memos and task managers for users of Apple devices. The appearance of the program is very similar to Todoist, so if you recently switched from Windows to macOS and iOS, the Things 3 application will be easier to understand.

Things 3 has a minimalistic user-friendly interface with various planning elements, a bunch of useful tools, modules, settings, and more. The application will easily compete with any task manager on this list, which is not surprising, because it is paid. And if you want to work with it on different devices, you will have to buy versions for the computer, iPhone and iPad separately.

Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft has its own task manager, which was developed by the former creators of Wunderlist. The application received a convenient interface where everything is perfectly visible on different platforms and screens. Compared to Wunderlist, fonts and task display have been improved. There is a convenient function “My Day” with intelligent display of the user's daily tasks.

The Microsoft To-Do application is available for use on PC and as applications for Android and iOS. In all three cases, working with the program is free.


Free Price: Free

The Trello application fits the definition of not only a task manager, but also a universal program for personal effectiveness, teamwork, time management, travel planning and so on. With Trello, you can literally plan and do anything. The program is used in many diverse places - from the editions of online publications to IT companies.

Trello is a kanban board where everything is divided into projects called boards here. Inside them, you can create thematic verticals, where to place cards with tasks, plans and more.


Notion is a large-scale and diverse manager of tasks, projects and personal effectiveness. The program consists of many elements used in other similar services, but allows you to use them all together.

Notion has kanban boards, to-do lists, tables, databases, and more. Notion is a universal tool for any task, teamwork or project. But a huge set of features that cannot be described even in one article often plays a trick on the program. It is so huge and diverse that it’s difficult to master and many users can’t stand it and switch to services easier. But if you tolerate and understand, then in the person of Notion you can find a universal assistant for the complete structuring of life.

Notion has a free version, but it has some limitations. In any case, this is enough for many tasks, and if there is a need to pay, then the minimum price tag is $ 4 per month for single use. Teams will be more expensive.


Free Price: Free

Coda is a simplified version of Notion and part-time multi-format task manager, as well as a program for managing projects and personal effectiveness. If you are one of those who liked this gigantic, complex, but very cool application, but failed to master it, then pay attention to Coda.

Elements of to-do-lists, kanban boards, tables, graphs and other things are also mixed here, but everything is made simpler. The ease of use of the interface and the slightly limited set of tools compared to Notion also helps.


It is better for project managers and people using mobile task managers to not experiment with new applications, but to choose proven options like Todoist and Any . Do. These programs are regularly improved and keep the brand. It is not a matter of conservatism, but of reliability: if all of a sudden all tasks go missing (than the "raw" software periodically sins), this threatens downtime in the work of the company or unit.

To solve everyday problems, you can try something new. For iPhone owners, for example, Pocket Lists is recommended - an application that is literally crowded with innovative features, but in an amazing way that preserves simplicity and conciseness. If you want to be a guru of personal effectiveness and completely organize your life, turn to large programs like Notion or Coda.


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