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How to install Google Play on Android?

Now it’s becoming more difficult to find a smartphone that does not have a Google Play client on sale. If you still encounter such a device, then this article is written for you! We will try as much as possible to talk about how to install an online store client, in order to simplify further downloading of other applications.

Why are there smartphones without Google Play?

Almost everyone knows that Android is a free operating system. In fact, this is not entirely true. Portable gadget manufacturers actually get the code for free. They do not need to pay for each copy of the operating system, as is the case with Windows. However, Google would not be so rich if everything was so simple.

If the manufacturer wants to equip his creation with basic Google services (Gmail, Google Play, Maps, etc.), then you need to send your smartphone to check compliance with all standards. This examination will show whether the operating system will work on the device without any glitches. Does it need to be said that this check costs money? If the examination shows that some of the components are not adapted for this OS, then the creators will have to redo the device, and then send it for a new check. And these are new costs in the tens of thousands of dollars.

For large companies, all this is a mundane process, and costs are lost amid much more significant revenues. But some Chinese manufacturers are not able to boast of massive sales, which is why they are looking for different ways to save. One of them is to immediately send a smartphone to store shelves, bypassing the examination. But in this case, they have to supply a device with a completely bare operating system, which is devoid of Google services. The buyer will have to independently install Play Market on Android in order to make the work with the device convenient.

Install Play Market

The Google Play online store client is the same application as everyone else. It turns out that you first need to download Play Market on Android, and then install it. You can find the corresponding file on third-party resources. Please note: the installation file must have the extension .apk - all applications and games for the Android operating system have the same extension.

If you downloaded the installation file directly to your tablet or smartphone, you can skip this step. If you still have it on your computer, then you will need to transfer it to your mobile device. The easiest way to do this is to use a USB connection. You can copy the file to the Downloads folder.

By default, the operating system does not allow installing applications from anywhere other than Google Play. Therefore, you must first go to " Settings ", in the " Security " section. Here you should check the box next to “ Unknown sources ”.

On some smartphones, this item may be called differently and located in advanced settings. If you cannot find it, then use the search settings. As a rule, it is on all modern Android devices.

Now it remains only to use any file manager. Even the one that is built into the smartphone by default will do. With it, you need to go to the folder with the Play Market file.

A security alert may also appear during application installation. To do this, just run the apk file and in the window that opens, click "Settings" . Here, move the “Allow installation from this source” slider to the active state.

After that, install the Google Play client, giving it all the necessary permissions. If you want to use it to download an application, then you will additionally need a Google account. How to register it is described by us in a separate article .