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How to update Android on the phone?

There are two types of smartphone owners. The first people are completely indifferent to what version of the operating system is installed on their device. What matters to them is that the device is functioning stably. Well, users of the second type want to be at the forefront of modern technology. They want to ensure that the latest version of Android available at the moment is on the tablet or smartphone. Today's material is for people of the second type. With the help of this text you can understand how to update Android on your phone or tablet.


Manual update through the system itself

Many manufacturers almost forcibly offer to update Android. In this case, you do not need this manual - one day you just get an appropriate offer, which is almost impossible to refuse. Even if you click the No button, the offer to update will appear in the notification panel every day.

If the system has never offered you to update the version of Android on your phone, then you can try the following actions:

1. Go to " Settings " - the corresponding shortcut is in the menu, as well as in the notification panel.

2. Go to the " About Phone " section. On tablets, it may be called " About the device ."

3. Click on “ System Update ”. On some devices, the item may be called “ Downloading the update manually ” or something else.

4. Follow the instructions that the system will provide you. If it is said that there are no updates, then you are using the latest version of the operating system available for this device.

Please note: for a successful update, a certain amount of free memory is required, as well as a sufficient battery level (it is advisable to fully charge it to avoid any problems).

Why is it necessary to update Android?

We all heard about viruses that can attack the system. Malicious utilities try to steal personal information (name, surname, bank card number, etc.), and also interfere with the stable operation of the OS. If you regularly update the system, then on the device there will always be fresh “patches”. They eliminate security holes, thus preventing the viruses from acting freely.

Also, updates significantly expand the functionality of the operating system. Here is just the most basic list of innovations that Android 6.0 received:

  • There was a search for applications by name;
  • The time and date on the lock screen has changed the style of the style;
  • In the "Settings" there is a separate section on RAM;
  • On the lock screen, you can now enter text, thus creating a note;
  • Significantly optimized energy consumption;
  • The volume control menu has changed slightly, where the Do Not Disturb button has returned;
  • Introduced native support for a fingerprint scanner ;
  • The voice assistant has become smarter;
  • Permissions to applications are not issued immediately after installation, but only as they work.

Android update via computer

Some users are completely not happy that the manufacturer is no longer releasing software updates for their smartphone. Also, people want to update Android manually, but through a PC. In fact, nothing prevents this, because everyone remembers that Android is a free operating system, and therefore it’s not difficult to get its image. But everything is not as simple as it seems.

By default, Android does not have support for numerous mobile processors and graphics accelerators. In this regard, you will have to look for a special custom assembly into which drivers for all the components that make up your device are precisely implemented. It is best to search for such firmware on sites dedicated specifically to your device. Then the Android assembly must be downloaded to the computer.

You will also need a special computer program with which a flashing is carried out. Depending on the manufacturer of the smartphone, it may be Flashtool , ODIN , Fastboot, or some other flash driver . Well, then you need to follow the instructions that come with the custom assembly of the operating system that you downloaded. If you do everything right, then the Android on the smartphone will be updated.

Attention: flashing will void your warranty. Also, this process is associated with risk, in case of incorrect actions you can get a "brick". Therefore, you should be careful and as careful as possible!